Mariah Carey Is Set To Earn Another 3 Million Dollars This Year From A Song She Wrote Almost 30 Years Ago…

Here’s how ordinary people can follow a similar path and generate their own royalties for years to come.

Mariah Carey Is Set To Earn Another 3 Million Dollars This Year From A Song She Wrote Almost 30 Years Ago…

It’s been nearly 30 years since Mariah Carey first released her hit song, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”  Yet, despite that fact, the song continues to break records and generates Miss Carey an estimated $2.5 to $3 million dollars annually despite doing no extra work.

In total, as of 2017, The Economist reports the song has generated over $60 million dollars in royalties, which she will continue collecting for decades to come.

Since its release, the song has gone on to generate a cult-like following, broken industry records, spawned a national tour, and even led to features in ads shown all over the world.

Just this one song has led to:

  • Being recognized by Guinness World Records as the highest-charting holiday single on the Billboard U.S. Hot 100 by a solo artist.
  • Becoming the first holiday single to be certified diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
  • Landing on the charts in 25 different countries.
  • Generating over 765 million views on YouTube since it was published in 2009.
  • Getting covered by other music legends like Michael Buble, Shaina Twain, Demi Lovato, and more.

That’s quite the resume for one song that was written and produced back in 1994.

To the ordinary person, the idea of making that much from just one project might seem completely farfetched, but what if it wasn’t? Sure, we’re not all cut out for the music industry, but what if we don’t have to be?

What if everyday people could unlock our own passive income online, without celebrity status, and without having to belt out a single tune?

The Formula to Her Success

Mariah Carey didn’t know the secret formula to crafting the perfect song in terms of notes or instruments.

All she cared about was doing right by her fans and giving them something they would actually want to listen to. The world tours and award shows weren’t even on her mind.

The secret formula to her success was taking a chance on herself and her ideas and then sharing them with the world. That’s it.

No one could have predicted just how big this song would become—not even Mariah Carey herself.

And now Santa drops off a big bag of royalties under the Christmas tree every year, and he’ll be back every Christmas on the dot.

While others get coal in their stockings this year, you can produce a Christmas miracle any time of year with a business model that takes zero upfront investment or inventory management and doesn’t involve selling physical products.

Anyone Can Be Published In As Little As Just 7 Days…

Sure, you may never reach the success that Mariah Carey has, but most people don’t need to in order to escape the 9-5 life or retire comfortably…

The paycheck-to-paycheck cycle is exhausting, isn’t it?

What if you didn’t have to spend a single minute worrying about your retirement plans because everything was figured out for you?

What would it feel like to cover your car payment without having to think twice…or have the financial freedom to make an extra car payment every month?

What if you could pay off your mortgage a little sooner?

What if you could cover the costs for your kid to play in a competitive sports league?

Maybe you could finally take that vacation you’ve always wanted but never knew how to pay for…

No one likes to think about it, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have some money stashed away in case something bad happens to you or a loved one?

Self-publishing makes all of these things possible.

The unthinkable happened to Rasmus Mikkelsen when his child needed an organ transplant. Of course, he and his wife were completely devastated. If Rasmus and his twin brother, Christian Mikkelsen, hadn’t started self-publishing, the hospital bills would have completely destroyed his family’s finances.

But instead of the hospital bills keeping him up at night, he was able to pay for the procedures in cash and give his family all of his attention.

His son healed completely, and their family is even adding a second son soon. That story could have looked a lot different if he had kept trying to make food delivery, drop shipping, and other side hustles work…

With self-publishing, you don’t have to be a tech wizard or a writer. In fact, you can outsource nearly 99% of the tasks. All you need is a completely free Amazon account.

And unlike most side hustles, you can be published in as little as 7 days. Let that sink in. Your life could be on a new trajectory next week.

The blueprint is completely free and waiting for you in our no-cost webinar, which we’ll share later. But first, let’s talk about how this whole thing works.

Disclaimer: While you can be published in as little as seven days, any success depends on many variables that are unique to each individual, including commitment and effort. makes no guarantee of any financial gain from the use of its products.

Do The Work Once, Collect Over And Over Again…

Mariah Carey created something once and is able to earn income and royalties on it over and over again.That’s the beauty of publishing…

The thing is, Mariah Carey’s song only makes an emergence once a year.

But with Amazon, every day is Christmas. There are millions of hungry, loyal customers eager to buy books to help them solve their problems.

This also means there are thousands and thousands of profitable niches out there hiding in plain sight, just waiting to be tapped.

And guess what…

In the publishing world, you don’t have to be the author. You don’t have to do all the research.

And if you follow our model, you’ll never have to write a single word if you don’t want to.

The best part of it all…

We’ll show you how to take that one book and turn it into multiple products that amplify your earning potential month after month after month...year after year after year…

Start Collecting Royalties

Publishing is an incredibly lucrative business when you know what steps to follow.

Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy to get distracted these days, and the majority of side hustles just fall flat.

Self-publishing just works. We’ve seen it in our own students, who have collectively earned over $50 million in royalties. It’s a testament to the fact that if you focus and follow the blueprint, you all but guarantee your own success as a publisher.

We’d like to build a world where everyone makes life-changing income, but the sad truth is that the majority of people never take action. They’re simply stuck. It’s time to get UNstuck.

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