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What do you mean by a “freedom business”?
Something that fits around your life, instead of something you’re constantly working at fitting your life around.

Too many businesses & side hustles steal too much of your time, and don’t give enough in return. Whether it’s driving uber, an extra job, traditional ecommerce or almost anything in between … if you don’t work, your income suffers.

Our lifestyle business model takes commitment upfront, but once set up it can run and grow with very little hands-on effort.
For people willing to invest a little time now for more freedom moving forward, this can be a great option.
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What’s self-publishing? Is it something anyone can do?
Self-publishing simply refers to when a regular, everyday person publishes their stuff … without using a fancy (aka expensive) publishing company.

You don’t need any experience, authority or background to do it either!

Let’s say hypothetically you want to publish a guide on your favorite smoothie recipes, but you’re completely unknown and don’t have the budget for a publishing company.

Amazon will let you self-publish your smoothie book for free, and it only takes a slice of the profits when your book sells. 

So self-publishing can get you massive exposure (from Amazon’s customers) and it only costs you AFTER you’re already making money.
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Why Amazon?
You know the #1 cause of failure for side-hustles and new businesses? It’s a lack of customers.

Amazon is one of the largest AND MOST TRUSTED online companies on the planet … and has over 200 million Prime subscribers (customers who pay monthly for VIP shopping privileges).

On top of that, as of early 2023 about 40% of every dollar spent online flows through Amazon.

Having Amazon in your corner makes succeeding online infinitely easier.Why try to compete with the industry leader, when it will gladly put you in front of its customers instead?

Not to mention, Amazon handles all distribution & customer support for you … freeing you up to build your business, not stay stuck working inside of it.

It’s for these reasons and more that so many of our students see great success even if they’ve failed at other methods before.
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Why digital products?
1st let’s cover what kind of digital products we’re talking about: ebooks & audiobooks.

Why those?

• Massive demand and growing
Audiobooks alone have been growing at 25% /year and are on track to reach $35 billion / year by 2030 

• Self-learning and working from home have risen exponentially since 2020 
Ebooks & audiobooks are perfect for this market

• Can be sold unlimited times - our favorite part! 
Unlike physical products, you only make an audiobook or ebook once … but can sell it over & over again with no further cost. 

Digital products allow almost anyone - even those on tight budgets - to start generating a side income without the hassles or startup costs of traditional businesses.
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Isn’t there a lot of competition?
Amazon is super popular as a business … for PHYSICAL products. 
You see Amazon ecom stores and affiliate sites all over the internet.

But there’s just a tiny fraction of people selling digital products like we are.

Recent estimates break it down like this:
• of physical products for sale on Amazon = 380 million
• of ebooks & audiobooks for sale on Amazon = 6.5 million

So by the numbers … ebooks & audiobooks have just 1.7% of the competition as physical products …

But you still get access to ALL of Amazon’s customers. 

That kind of math really works for us. And goes a long way to explaining why so many of our students get the results that they do.

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What does do?
We’re an online education company that teaches everyday people how to create a thriving lifestyle business through self-publishing, Amazon and A.I. automation.
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How long have you been around?
Since 2018, the year Black Panther crushed at the box office & Harry married Megan.

That was also the year our founders Christian & Rasmus Mikkelsen publicly released their flagship training for the 1st time - with 96 students joining the first day.

A lot’s changed since:

Went from a 3 person startup to a global team of over 40 amazing humans
• Surpassed over 21,000 students enrolled in our programs
• Ranked # on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America
• Rebranded from to to reflect our vision of making self-publishing success an achievable reality for almost anyone

The one thing that hasn’t changed? 

Our #1 core value of being student obsessed.

We literally have a slack channel for bragging about student wins
• Meetings often go off the rails as we celebrate student breakthroughs 
• Coaches, support & the founders themselves do whatever it takes to deliver a world-class experience to every single student
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Why should I trust your company anyway?
Look we get it, there’s tons of dodgy stuff out there in internet land.

You shouldn’t take us or any company at face value, without doing your own research.

We’ve got nothing to hide. 
Look hard enough, and you may even find people that don’t say nice things about us.That goes with the territory when you’ve served as many customers as we have … ‘cause as much as you try, you just can’t please everyone!

Not everybody loves Elon, but there sure are a lot of happy Tesla drivers out there right?

Our customers

Our customers are world class! They’re everyday people from all backgrounds … each with their own goals, hopes and dreams. Whether that’s earning a little extra to help with the bills, early retirement, being their own boss or achieving the ultimate freedom lifestyle … we’re honored to have helped so many fantastic people on their journey.

Here are some popular questions people ask when considering joining us:

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How do I know this is legit?
It’s unfortunate, but there are bad players online that promise a lot and don’t deliver.

At we’re fully transparent about what we do and how we do it, so people can make the best decision for themselves.


We’re successful Amazon self-publishers ourselves - yes, we DO the thing we teach!

• Our families - including siblings and even a mother-in-law - also use the same method we share with students

• We offer a 100% free webclass sharing full details of how our program works here
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Does it cost a lot of money to start?
While most traditional online businesses can be prohibitively expensive …

Our model is so budget-friendly that even many college students have had amazing success with it.

As a digital products business using Amazon:

There’s no cost to buy or ship inventory
• There’s no distribution or customer service costs
• You can have a product created just once, then sell it unlimited times

In fact, many of our students get started with zero out-of-pocket costs, by doing a little more of the setup themselves.

While any business will have costs - in terms of time, money or both - we can confidently say our model offers incredible flexibility even if you’re on a tight budget.

Our philosophy has always been to spend the least amount upfront, UNTIL you’re getting results. Then once you see the proof for yourself, it’s time to scale things up by reinvesting a portion of profits. 

If it’s good enough for Jeff Bezos, it’s good enough for us.
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I’m not good with technology … can I do this?
Not all online methods are for tech geeks … we’re not doing any coding, building ecom stores or fancy websites.
Everything is very straightforward and we provide step-by-step, paint-by-numbers directions for anything you don’t already know how to do.

Many of our most successful students are grandparents who [shock] grew up without internet or a smartphone … and they’re crushing it.
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Yeah but what about this artificial intelligence stuff - that’s gotta be hard to use right?
Nope! The way we see it, AI shouldn’t be something you have to learn. It should be a tool you can instantly use to help you.

This approach has helped thousands of our students do far more, with less effort.
Which is what AI is supposed to be all about anyway, right?
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I’m no author … do I need writing experience to succeed with this?
Wanna know a secret?

That’s right, we’ve outsourced the creation of every one of our books & audiobooks.

Plus with modern A.I. tools, you hardly need to write at all.
Ever fill out an online order form? 
Congratulations, you’re overqualified.
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I live in [insert any geographic location on Earth here] … can I do this?
YES - as long as you have access to internet and a computer.

Depending on your specific location, you may need to use alternative platforms in some cases … but we’ve helped many students navigate this before.
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How often can I withdraw my earnings?
Whoa there … I mean we love your enthusiasm, but let’s get  you started 1st, cool?

To answer your eager question, Amazon pays book royalties every month.

So once you’re up and running and your books are selling … you can get paid monthly, which is a beautiful thing.

We love when students share their monthly income shots in our customer FB groups … it’s something that NEVER gets old.
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How long until I can expect results?
Here’s the bad news:

We can’t answer this specifically because everyone’s different.
Results depend on many factors, including commitment, stick-to-it-ness, coachability and more.

All we can say is if you’re looking for a magic button that will make money fall from the sky, we’re not for you.

We offer a proven program with an amazing track record … for people that apply it.

Now for the good news:

We’ve had hundreds of students earn in as little as 7 days of starting … and many more within their 1st month.

What you do - if you decide to pursue this - will depend on your goals and actions. 

We’ll be there to help you every step of the way.
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How do I know if one of your programs is for me?
To find out more about our flagship program AI Publishing Academy:

Click here to watch the free online presentation that covers the opportunity in detail

To find out more about our Publishing Accelerator immersion program:

Click here to schedule a free discovery call with our team
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My question isn’t answered here. Where can I get personalized answers to my specific question?
We’d love to help!

3 ways to play:

• Use the online chat feature at the bottom right corner of this page to connect with us
• Send us an email at

Depending on the time of day, please give us 24 hours to respond.

But definitely leave a message cause we’d love to connect!