7 Ways the 7-Day Publi$hing Challenge Can Change Your Life

Unlock the power of publishing with our 7-Day Challenge! Discover how you can get PAID for your ideas!

7 Ways the 7-Day Publi$hing Challenge Can Change Your Life
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You might have seen some videos on Facebook about the 7-Day Publi$hing Challenge, but what the heck is that?

The 7DPC is a free, global event designed to guide complete beginners through the steps of writing, editing, formatting, and publishing a short book on Amazon KDP to start earning royalty income—all in less than a week

It sounds crazy, but we’ve already had thousands of successful newbie authors and publishers over the past year alone. The challenge has been one of our best-kept secrets at Publishing.com, but after seeing how many lives have totally changed from it, we decided to open it up to the public, and we’re STOKED to welcome all the new faces. 

This blog post explains how the challenge works and outlines seven ways that participating in it can change your perspective on publishing and open up new income opportunities. 

The next cohort runs May 27th—June 2nd, so don’t wait! 

How Does the 7-Day Publi$hing Challenge Actually Work? 

The 7DPC site explains exactly what you can expect from the challenge, all the resources you’ll get access to in order to be successful, and how to sign up. 

Here’s the gist: 

  • Joining the free challenge will give you immediate access to a private Facebook group for your challenge cohort. These people are in the exact same shoes as you! 
  • The private Facebook group will host all the free training videos and troubleshooting tips you’ll need to come up with a book idea, create an in-demand book cover-to-cover, and how to set up your KDP account to actually publish the book and start getting paid. 
  • If you run into any challenges, you’ll be able to access our stellar support team, or you can post in the Facebook group and get help from another challenger (or potential new friend)! You’re also free to find an accountability partner within the group! 
  • While this challenge revolves around a short book to make the best use of your time, we’ll show you the EXACT framework you can use to publish any length book in the future! 
  • You don’t need to enter your credit card details or anything like that because this is completely 100% FREE! 

Join here!

What’s In It for You? 

As promised, here are 7 ways the Publi$hing Challenge can directly make an impact: 

1. Demystify the Publishing Process

A lot of people are daunted by the idea of publishing because it seems like it’d have to be insanely complicated and technical, right?

You might be racking your brain trying to answer these questions: 

What do I even write about? How do I format a book? Where do I even begin? 

You don’t have to know the answer to any single one of those questions to join because our challenge breaks down these barriers. Each day of the challenge focuses on a different aspect of the publishing process, from brainstorming ideas to hitting the “Publish” button on Amazon. 

By the end of the week, not only will you have a published book to your name (or a pen name), but you'll also walk away with a clear understanding of all the steps involved, proving that publishing isn't some elite club. Literally anyone can follow these steps and rinse and repeat with other books in the future!

2. Learn How to Unlock a New Stream of Recurring Income

One of the most exciting aspects of publishing a book is the potential for recurring income. 

Who doesn’t want that (especially in this economy)? 

Once your book is available on Amazon, you’ll earn royalties every time someone makes a purchase, day or night. This challenge will show you how to optimize your book for sales, some strategies for pricing, how to nail your cover design, and how to use keywords to maximize the number of people who will actually want to buy your book. Even if this book only makes a small amount each month, this can still add up, especially as you publish more titles.

Your 7DPC can go on to sell forever—even if you’re on vacation, busy with another side hustle, or retired. That’s some powerful stuff right there because it gets you away from selling your time and having your time work for you instead. 

3. Establish Credibility and Authority

Publishing a book on a topic you’re passionate about or know a lot about can significantly boost your credibility. As a published author, you're viewed as an expert, which can open doors to speaking gigs, consultancy roles, and even radio shows (if that’s the type of thing you dream about). This challenge encourages you to explore subjects you’re passionate about and articulate your thoughts in a structured way, laying a foundation for establishing yourself as a thought leader.

This is exactly what happened to one of our AIA students, Jacob. 

After building his credibility, the invitations for radio shows and interviews wouldn’t stop!

Of course, we also get tons of students who AREN’T into being in the spotlight or speaking at all and just want to find a way to make a stable income. That’s okay, too! Just being able to say you’ve published something puts you lightyears ahead of most people. 

4. Gain Confidence and New High-Paying Skills

We’ve been helping total beginners publish for years, which means we also tend to see the same patterns a lot. Many people never even start because they doubt their own writing abilities or technical skills. You don’t need either of those things. 

The 7-Day Publi$hing Challenge is designed to be as beginner-friendly as possible. It literally walks you through every single step of the process. It’s 100% normal to feel the first-day jitters or to experience imposter syndrome even before you hit “publish.” 

The thing is, once you press that button, everything changes. 

You become a publisher, and no one can ever take that away from you!

As you progress through the challenge, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to create and share valuable content, and you'll develop skills that are transferable to many other projects and professions, even if you decide publishing isn’t really your thing. 

5. Build a Global Network

The idea of “self-publishing” makes it seem like you’re totally on your own, but it definitely doesn’t have to be that way. Throughout the challenge, you'll have the opportunity to connect with other participants from around the world. If you have a question or challenge, chances are multiple people in the group have experienced the same thing. This network can provide support, feedback, and motivation during the challenge and beyond. 

You might have heard the quote, “Your network is your net worth,” and it’s 1000% true. 

6. Spark Other Creative Ventures

Publishing your first book is just the beginning. This success can act as a springboard for other creative business ideas and side hustles, whether that’s starting a blog, launching a podcast, or creating online courses. 

The skills you learn in the challenge can be applied to making money online across dozens of fields. The challenge encourages thinking beyond the book and really reflecting on what you want to build or create with your life. 

7. Achieve a Tangible Goal Quickly

There’s a special satisfaction in seeing a project through from start to finish, especially when you know that YOU are solely responsible for the outcome. It’s just icing on the cake when that project gets done ASAP after years of hoping, wishing, and dreaming. 

This is the entire point of the challenge. You walk away with a tangible product—your book, which you can order physical copies of the very same week that you join the challenge. 

This achievement can boost your self-esteem and motivate you to tackle other goals, armed with real-life proof that you can execute and deliver on your ideas.

Some Quick FAQs About the 7DPC 

There are more questions sure to pop up, but here’s a quick overview: 

Realistically, how much money can my 7DPC book make? 

If you head over to our Student Success portal and click over to the tab called “7DPC Success,” you’ll see dozens of stories about newbie authors and publishers who have made thousands of dollars from their very first book. While this isn’t a guarantee, it’s absolutely not outside of the realm of possibility either, especially if you land on a really popular topic. 

The 7DPC isn’t necessarily about selling a million copies of your book, but it IS realistic to make your very first online sale, and that’s the sale that you’re going to remember the most anyway! 

How long is a 7DPC book?  

Most typical non-fiction books are going to be in the 30k-word range, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. If you have a solid book idea for a full-length manuscript, that’s GREAT! You should hold onto that idea and can use everything you learn from this challenge to bring that to life in the future. A week just isn’t enough time to do that. 

A 7DPC book is supposed to be short and succinct, like a travel guide or “best of” list. It should still be a quality topic and provide some value to the reader, but we’re definitely going for short and sweet here. 

What if I don’t finish in a week? 

It’s completely fine if you don’t finish your 7DPC book within a week. We get it, life happens to all of us. You’ll retain access to the Facebook group and can continue to work the publishing steps at your own pace! 

The biggest thing here is not to overthink every single step of the process. Your first book might have some mistakes, and it will definitely have things you could change, but you’ll get better and better as you publish more books! 

Can you share some success stories from those who have published their 7DPC books? 

We mentioned the Student Success portal above, but here’s just a quick sample of some successful challengers! 

Get Ready to Publish Your First Book Later THIS MONTH!

Our next 7-Day Publi$hing Challenge kicks off on May 27th, which means it’s time to fire up your engines! 

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a budding entrepreneur, or simply looking for a new challenge, you are going to walk away from this challenge more confident in your own skillset and up to speed about the modern publishing industry. 

Better yet, you’ll know how to make money online from anywhere in the world as your own boss

Discover the power of publishing at your fingertips + recurring income with the 7DPC!

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