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Step into the world of student success with our inspiring interviews featuring extraordinary individuals who have achieved remarkable success with their publishing businesses. From best-selling authors to entrepreneurs generating substantial royalties, their stories serve as a testament to the transformative power of knowledge, dedication, and the resources provided by

Successful coach shares his best tips to making money with publishing
Stefan Hettich (PA)

Stefan is one of the founding members of PA, who was a former VP of a digital marketing company. He shares how he went from the corporate world to a full time coach of PA and as a publisher. He is an expert in building community and creating audience, and in this interview he shared how he was able to leverage a 56k FB group and turn it into a cash machine. He also talked about all the great bonuses you get in PA and many tips on how to succeed from the eyes of a coach.

Video Reviews

We are thrilled to share these students' enthusiastic video reviews about their experience with In their heartfelt, motivational testimonials, they highlight how the comprehensive course and supportive community have transformed their publishing journey, making a must for any aspiring publisher.

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A sneak peek into what our students are saying inside our community! With over 30,000 students, they share their success via Facebook, email, Trustpilot and more.

Chad Metcalf
Yvonne Aileen - May 2021.png
Yossi Moscowitz - Dec 2021 (1).png
Zakaria Zoundi - May 2022.png
Yossi Moscowitz - Mar 2023.png
Yossi Moscowitz - Sept 2021.png
Yasmin Akhtar - Aug 2022.png
Todd Snively - May 2021.png
Kerri W. Jan 14th 2023.png
Keith May 2023.png
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Katrina Johanson.png
Katie McCann - Feb 2023 (1).png
Kara Leigh Ann - Aug 2022.png
Kali _ Max - Apr 2023 (1).png
Juan Dunn - Aug 2021.png

Award Winners

These students have achieved an astonishing milestone in her publishing business, generating over $10,000 in royalties in just one month. Each student who reaches this goal is awarded the AIA 10k award.


7DPC Success

Presenting the 7 Day Profit Challenge, this is an exciting opportunity for students to dive headfirst into the world of book publishing. Imagine crafting your very own book from start to finish, seeing it come to life and earning your first royalties within a mere seven days!

Abigail F.
Alerise C April 2023.png
Alea Q.
Amina D.
Alicia M.
Adrian J.
Amy N Feb 4 2023.png
Anne R (August 2022).png
George N.
Glen W (Sept 2022).png
Hayley C.
George F.
Hilda Pearce Crawford
Holiie S.
Hope H.
Ifeoma O.
Mariana F (August 2022).png
Mario R.
Marina P Feb 6 2023.png
Marcia B.
Mayleen W.
Melissa Emily Gill
Michael C.
Michael Z (August 2022).png

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