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Choose between black ink and color ink depending on whether you intend to incorporate color into your interior design. Please be aware that color ink is notably more costly than black ink.

Pro Tip: Choose black ink to maximize your earnings!
Select between black ink or color ink based on if you plan to have color inside your interior. Keep in mind that color ink is significantly more expensive than black ink.

Pro Tip: Select black ink to maximize your earnings!
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The break-even point for your Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) is crucial when analyzing Amazon Advertising. If your ACOS falls under this threshold, your ad generates profit; however, if it exceeds this figure, your ad runs at a loss.
How Amazon KDP Calculates Printing Cost & Royalties

How Does Amazon KDP Calculate Your Net Royalties?

Amazon handles all aspects of printing and then pays you a net royalty per sale.

The Amazon KDP formula for calculating net royalties:

(60% of the List Price) - Printing Cost


Why Did Amazon Change the Price of My Book?

Don’t panic! Any change you see will NOT affect your royalties. Amazon takes on any difference to give your book a promotional boost in the hopes of attracting more readers. You should celebrate when this happens and enjoy the extra book sales!

Should I Print My Book in Black and White or Color?

If printing in black and white won’t affect the reader experience, there’s no reason to sacrifice your book earnings for colored ink. If color is necessary, you’ll need to price your book accordingly to still make a decent profit. Readers are much more accepting of black-and-white pictures and diagrams than you’d think! With the exception of children’s books, there’s nothing wrong with going the classic route.

How Often Does Amazon KDP Pay You Royalties?

Amazon pays royalties every month, but they are paid 60 days after the end of the month that the sale happened, so you might not see your first royalties for a couple of months. From then on, you can expect timely and consistent payments in your preferred form of payment. Keep in mind that Electronic Payments (EFTs) don’t have a minimum payout threshold, while Check and Wire payments will need to exceed $100 in the US or €100 in Europe to be distributed.

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