How to Level Up Your Writing for Amazon Publishing

Do you dream of crafting stories that captivate readers and get recognized in the literary world? If so, instead of going the traditional route, consider Amazon Publishing.

How to Level Up Your Writing for Amazon Publishing
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Are you a writer who wants to really take your work to the next level? And make money off your work? Do you dream of crafting stories that captivate readers and get recognized in the literary world? If so, instead of going the traditional route, consider Amazon Publishing. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and other tools they offer independent authors can help you make your writing dreams a reality.

We’ll show you how to really hone your writing craft so you can publish your book on Amazon and make a living off your hard work. With these tips and tricks, you can break through writer's block, be more productive and become a master of the written word.

Whether you're writing a novel, non-fiction book, or screenplay, Amazon Publishing has created a ton of self-publishing tools to help you put your work out into the world with confidence. It's like having your own publishing house at your fingertips!

Benefits of Amazon Publishing

Amazon has invested a ton of time and money into developing tools for independent authors to share their work. After all, Amazon started as an online bookseller. So books run deep in their roots. And over the years, they’ve created tools like KDP and audiobook platforms to really lean into the world of self-publishing. 

And boy are we thankful! This means authors and writers around the world no longer have to shop for an agent, cross their fingers, and hope to be found. They can take control of their own fate. 

First, Amazon offers helpful tutorials on topics like grammar and punctuation, along with a variety of tools to track your progress and success.

Amazon also makes distributing your work super easy. Once your book is done, it just takes about five minutes to publish your eBook. And it’s free! They give you up to 70% of each sale so they don’t take a huge cut. Amazon also gives authors access to insights and metrics to see how their book is performing.

Kindle Direct Publishing

But before you’re ready to hit “publish” using Amazon Publishing, you first have to have a book to sell. 

Let’s take a look at five tips that can help you master the writing process.

1) Read

The best way to improve your writing is to read – a lot! Seriously. Reading works of different genres, authors, and styles will give you insight into what makes a great story. The more quality writing you read, the more it will reflect in your writing. It’s a little like magic. Or osmosis. We don’t totally understand the science behind it (no one does!), but many writers tell aspiring writers to really lean into reading while they’re writing. It'll help you hone your style and push yourself to create something unique. And by reading classics or bestsellers, you’ll be teaching yourself what works and what doesn’t. Hemingway. Steinbeck. Shakespeare. Dostoevsky. J.K. Rowling. Tolkien. Read anything and everything you can get your hands on and your writing will improve.

Practice, Practice, Practice

2) Practice, Practice, Practice

Writing is a skill. And like any skill, it takes practice to become better. Whether you’re focused on fiction or non-fiction, don't be afraid to get your hands dirty by experimenting with different styles and techniques. It can take time to find the right voice for your work, but the more you practice, the closer you'll get to mastering your craft.

The key is to focus on the process and not the product. Every piece you write will not be a masterpiece, but that's okay. Learn from your mistakes and keep pushing yourself to create something better than the last. You can also read this exclusive interview with Rasmus Mikkelsen, a co-founder of, to learn from these self-publishing mistakes. He'll show you some of the things he did wrong that he would recommend to any new publishers to avoid.

Overall, Rome wasn’t built in a day so give yourself mercy as you hone your skills.

But keep at it. Just like those funny hobbit creatures didn’t stop trying to throw that ring into the volcano in Lord of the Rings, don’t give up! Your dreams are worth it.

3) Get Feedback 

Do you have friends, family, or even professionals you can show your writing to? Getting feedback is a big part of the writing process. It helps you understand what’s working and what isn’t. To help your book be the best it can be, get constructive criticism from a range of different people. 

Be open to both positive and negative feedback since it can help you identify areas that need improvement or give you ideas on how to improve your writing.

If you don't have anyone in your circle to give you feedback, find an online community of other writers. This way you can get practical advice and tips from experienced authors who understand the craft of writing.

When it comes to feedback, it’s best to avoid people who don’t read that much. You don’t really want feedback from your Uncle Jim who hasn’t read a book since middle school. And also think long and hard before you show your work to your parents. Some parents can be super supportive. But other times, they can be kind of…how do we put it… harsh. The basic rule of thumb is to not show your work to people who might tend to squash your dreams. Look for people who can give you helpful advice and feedback and not just red-line it or tear it apart.

And if you're self-publishing through Amazon Publishing, you can make use of their reader feedback feature. Readers' reviews will help you get an idea of how your book is being received and what areas need work.

4) Take Breaks 

Writing can be a slog. A marathon. So instead of reaching for another can of Red Bull, just take a break. Don’t burn yourself out setting unrealistic deadlines as you’re slumped over your laptop. Burning out isn’t going to help you finish your manuscript. In fact, in the long run, you’ll finish your book sooner if you pace yourself.

Slow and steady. Remember the children’s book. It’s the tortoise who wins, not the hare. 

It helps to take a few moments to step away from your work and do something else that can help refresh your mind. Take a walk, listen to music, play a video game or board game with friends. Or binge-watch the latest trending TV series. Afterward, you’ll come back with renewed focus and enthusiasm, which will help you write better. 

One famous writer was even known for putting the first draft of their book in the freezer. A few weeks later, after taking a long break from it, they would literally thaw it and start working on it again.

AI Writing Tools

5) Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) Writing Tools 

Don’t be afraid of the latest trends in AI writing tools. AI won’t be replacing human writers anytime soon. Instead, technology can be an incredible tool for writers. It can help you stay organized and make writing easier and more efficient.

There are a bunch of free AI writing tools available like Frase, ChatGPT, Jasper, and Rytr. These can be an invaluable asset in your writing journey and can make your work stand out from the rest. AI-powered tools are helping writers with grammar, editing, proofreading, and even character and plot development.

AI tools are changing the game for writers. Don’t let yourself be stuck in the 1990s when it comes to your writing. Lean into the future, and level up your writing game.

Publishing and Marketing Your Work on Amazon 

So you’ve dug into the craft of writing and you have a book you really feel good about. Now what? 

Well, it’s time to dream big. Imagine your book published on Amazon. Available to readers around the world. Before you get a little nervous about this thought, realize that you’ve worked hard and you deserve some recognition. And money! 

Amazon Publishing gives you tons of free tools and services that make the publishing process easy. From KDP, which allows authors to self-publish their books directly to Amazon, to Amazon Advertising services which help authors reach a wider audience, Amazon provides writers with everything they need to get their work out there.

From creating an author page on Amazon Author Central, or setting up a simple marketing plan to using analytics tools to track the success of your book, Amazon has you covered.

Don’t be intimidated by publishing your book on Amazon. While the publishing landscape is ever-changing, Amazon's tools and services make it super easier. 

If you’re ready to start publishing your work on Amazon, and turn your dreams into a reality, check out our free training course. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make money off your art.

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