Fun Passive Income for Stay at Home Moms: 17 Proven Strategies

Say goodbye to all the boring side hustles!

Fun Passive Income for Stay at Home Moms: 17 Proven Strategies
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Affiliate marketing, virtual assistant jobs, and furniture flipping work for some people, but you're here for the FUN side hustles that don't actually feel like work, right? So, if it's cool with you, we're going to skip over all the boring and overrated ideas to offer 17 of the best passive income ideas for stay at home moms.

When all the stars align, with an upfront investment of time and effort, you can turn one great passive income idea into a full-blown online business with a full-time income working part-time hours. 

But let’s be real. It’s that investment of time and effort that other blogs aren't always the most truthful about. That's why our blog post offers explanations, benefits, and realistic income for each side hustle on the list. Enjoy!

Most people don't know that you can generate extra income with a free Amazon account! How? By tapping into the same technology that Amazon and Google are pouring billions of dollars into with AI + self-publishing. With AI as your copilot, your ideas can turn into cold, hard cash in the form of royalties every month. Our students have seen results like an extra $500 to even $10,000 a month in extra income. See how it all works in this free publishing training!

What Can I Do as a Stay-at-Home Mom to Make Extra Money?

There are tons of ways to make money as a stay at home mom!

Which path you take will depend on the type of income you're looking to create.

  • Passive Income: Invest time or money upfront and reap benefits later with minimal ongoing effort. Examples include earning royalties from self-published books or generating ad revenue from a blog.
  • Active Income: Engage in activities that pay directly for your time and effort, like freelance writing, virtual tutoring, or managing social media for businesses.
  • Recurring Income: Set up a product or service that customers pay for regularly, such as subscription boxes or membership sites. (Can be passive OR active)

New Ideas for Creating Passive Income for Stay at Home Moms

Here are some of the top ideas to create passive income for stay at home mothers.

#1: eBook Writing & Self-Publishing on Amazon (Best)

Publishing books on Amazon is the best way to earn virtually passive income for stay at home moms. We'll talk about the benefits, costs, potential costs and show you some success stories below.


  • Flexible schedule to fit around family commitments
  • Access to a gigantic global audience through Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Opportunity for generating recurring income through royalties at a much higher rate than a traditional publisher would pay out
  • Virtually passive income so you can earn money every month if you are lazy mother or just want to spend more time with your family


  • Free to publish your eBooks, paperback books, hardcover books, and audiobooks
  • Potential costs for professional editing, formatting, and cover design
  • Optional expenses for marketing and keyword tools

Potential Earnings:

  • Earnings vary widely; average earnings are often less than $1,000 per month for brand-new publishers as they get established
  • Experienced authors and publishers with effective marketing can earn well into six figures

Read our full guide on how to earn passive income on Amazon here.

Student Testimonials

Mel went from trying to figure out how to provide for three kids mid-pandemic to publishing more than 30 books and making over $100k per year!

How To Get Started

  • The Appetizer: This free publishing webinar breaks down the KDP business model for beginners!
  • The Buffet: The AIA course has already helped thousands of students collectively earn millions of dollars in royalties. It includes self-paced, easy-to-understand modules for every step of the publishing process.

#2: Virtual Interior Design


  • Take advantage of your creative talents from home
  • Cost-effective for clients thanks to virtual consultations
  • A flexible work schedule makes balancing family life and career easier


  • Minimal startup costs: primarily a computer, design software, and a professional website
  • May need to invest in self-education through online courses or workshops to keep up with design trends

Earning Potential

  • Earnings vary based on experience, client base, and location
  • You pick your price and could charge hourly (ex: $45+/hour) or project-based fees (ex: $1000 flat design rate for small homes)

#3: Develop Video Games or Apps


  • Creative control
  • Easy to flex your schedule as a stay at home parent
  • Successful apps or games can offer ongoing income through ads and in-app purchases, requiring minimal upkeep once they’re established


  • Start-up tools, software, and hardware
  • Costs for online coding courses range from $20 to $200+
  • You might also need to budget for freelance talent for artwork or sound design

Earning Potential

  • In-app purchases: Generate steady revenue by offering premium features or content
  • Advertisements: Monetize user interaction and screen time
  • Direct sales: Charge users to download your app or game

#4: Gardening


  • Gardening has proven mental and physical benefits
  • It's an opportunity to teach children about nature, patience, and responsibility (and it appeals to all ages)
  • You get to enjoy harvesting your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs and take care of your family 


  • Initial Setup: Costs include seeds, soil, compost, and gardening tools
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Watering, weeding, and protecting plants from pests

Earning Potential

  • Market Your Produce: Sell at local farmers' markets, online, or offer garden starter kits
  • Popular Crops:
    • Herbs: Basil, mint, parsley 
    • Vegetables: Zucchini, bell peppers, cucumber
    • Fruits: Berries, citrus, tomatoes

#5: Start an Online Book Club


  • Get paid for something you enjoy doing and would do anyway 
  • Meet new people and cultivate a space for readers to come together and form relationships
  • Practice your leadership, organizational, and communication skills


  • Digital Platform: Take advantage of free or low-cost options like WordPress or Wix for hosting discussions
  • Domain Name: Purchase a custom domain for $10-$15/year
  • Marketing: Promote your club organically on social media or invest in ads to expand your reach

Earning Potential

  • Affiliate Marketing: Earn commissions by partnering with retailers like Amazon for book purchases made via your links
  • Subscriptions: Introduce a membership model with exclusive content for a fee
  • Sponsorships: Secure promotional deals with publishers or authors
  • Advertising: Generate revenue through ads on your club's website

#6: Sell or Swap Board Games or Puzzles


  • Connect with other game enthusiasts and meet new people
  • Expand your personal collection of board games and puzzles 
  • Family bonding time and game nights 


  • Initial Inventory: Begin with your own collection or get new games at a low cost from sales or donations
  • Website Setup: Minimal expenses for setting up a basic website to facilitate swaps
  • Event Hosting: Optional costs for hosting live swap events, including venue, advertising, and other promotional materials

Earning Potential

  • Fee Structure: Generate steady income through various subscription levels or per-swap fees.
    • One-time swap: $5
    • Monthly subscription: $15 (unlimited swaps)
    • Annual subscription: $150 (unlimited swaps)

#7: Custom Coloring Books


  • Enjoy designing around various themes—animals, mandalas, personalized events, and more
  • Sell your coloring books online to customers worldwide
  • Earn income from sales post-design without ongoing involvement


  • Design Tools: Software for drawing, a scanner for hand-drawn images, and potentially digital design courses
  • Publishing Costs: You'll need to set aside money for freelance or contract help if you decide to outsource any part of the process

Earning Potential

  • Sales Revenue: Earnings vary based on seasons, how professional your final work looks, and your marketing strategy, but many experienced publishers take home $300-1000+ monthly 
  • Growth Over Time: While initial sales may be slow, consistent efforts in marketing and quality can lead to a substantial passive income stream over time

Side note: Low-content and no-content books aren’t usually a publisher’s main source of income, but they are SUPER powerful as a recurring revenue source when you’re publishing high-content books. 

#8: Sell Online Courses or Niche Market Plans


  • Share your knowledge globally and connect with audiences interested in specialized topics
  • Update and expand course materials only as needed
  • Once set up, courses can generate ongoing revenue without further hands-on involvement


  • Platform Fees: Costs for hosting on course platforms or website maintenance
  • Marketing: Budget for advertising and promotions to attract students
  • Production: Investment in quality recording and editing equipment for course videos

Earning Potential

  • Variable Profits: Earnings depend on course pricing, marketing, and the competition within your niche but can range from $20 on the low-end to $1500+ on the high-end 

#9: Boutique Event Planning


  • Use your organizational skills and creativity to craft unforgettable events
  • Manage your business from home
  • There's a constant need for event planners for small, unique celebrations


  • Startup Expenses: Initial investment in promotional materials, basic event supplies, and digital presence
  • Operational Costs: Investment in event planning software and possibly inventory for common event items

Earning Potential

  • Event Fees: Can range from $1,500 to $4,000 per event, based on your expertise and the type of event you're planning
  • Scalable Income: Handling multiple events per month can create a steady income stream

#10: Open a Pet Daycare or Offer Pet Sitting


  • Spend your day caring for pets, which can be fun for families who don't have the time to introduce a full-time furry friend
  • If you do have pets, they can get companionship and socialization from other animals
  • Operate right from your home, making it easy to manage alongside family duties or other tasks


  • Setup Expenses: Costs for setting up a pet-friendly space and buying supplies like toys and food
  • Regulatory Costs: Expenses for obtaining necessary permits, licenses, and insurance to operate legally and safely

Earning Potential

  • Variable Income: Earnings depend on the number of pets you care for and the services you provide. Rates typically range from $25 to $75+ per pet per day

#11: Sell Stock Photos


  • Use your photography skills to capture and sell unique images
  • Earn royalties each time your photos are downloaded
  • Shoot photos in your free time, fitting around your other plans and commitments
  • Can start with basic gear and upgrade as your business grows


  • Initial Investment: Costs for quality camera equipment and photo editing software. 
  • Marketing: Spend on marketing to increase the visibility of your photos

Earning Potential

  • Income Variability: Earnings fluctuate based on demand for your images and your pricing strategy but can be as high as $1000+/month 
  • Expanding Reach: Consider using multiple platforms to maximize exposure and sales

#12: Sell Homemade Items


  • Work from home on your schedule
  • You can make and ship your products in batches
  • You can create products in multiple niches

Popular Products to Sell

  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Home Decor
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Cards and Stationery


  • Materials and Tools: Initial investment in high-quality materials and crafting tools
  • Marketplace Fees: Consider the costs associated with selling on platforms like Etsy
  • Shipping: Packaging and delivery costs to customers

Earning Potential

  • Varied Income: Your earnings will depend on your product niche, but handcrafted items often fetch a premium price (Ex: Some jewelry, crocheted animals, and wedding-related items can sell for hundreds of dollars for a single item)

#13: Offer In-Home Daycare


  • You can help other families
  • Provides a playmate and socialization for your own kids
  • Many parents seek reliable and compassionate childcare solutions, so it's an evergreen market


  • Licensing and Insurance: You'll need to stay on top of compliance with local regulations and insurance (Ex: CPR/First Aid training, child-adult ratio laws, etc.)
  • Equipment and Supplies: Invest in toys, educational materials, and safety upgrades
  • Advertising: Costs associated with promoting your daycare service locally

Earning Potential

  • Flexible Pricing: Set competitive rates based on local demand and the services you offer (usually weekly or monthly)
  • Additional Services: Increase income by offering extended hours, holiday care, or additional educational activities

#14: Custom Travel Itineraries


  • Turn your love for travel and organization skills into a profitable business
  • Align your workload with your daily routine
  • Build lasting relationships leading to repeat business and referrals


  • Initial Setup: Minimal; primarily requires a computer and internet access
  • Professional Tools: Invest in itinerary planning software and a well-designed website
  • Marketing: Budget for promotional activities to attract more clients

Earning Potential

  • Pricing Strategy: Adjust charges based on itinerary complexity and customer demands, potentially earning from $250 to $6,000 monthly depending on the number and type of itineraries planned

#15: Buy a Vending Machine


  • Ideal in high-traffic areas like offices or educational institutions
  • Limited daily management once the initial setup is complete


  • Purchase Price: New machines cost between $3,000 to $5,000; used machines are available for closer to $1,000 to $2,500
  • Ongoing Expenses: Stocking inventory, occasional maintenance, and potential space rental fees
  • Initial Stock: Budget for initial product filling, which will vary based on the machine's capacity

Earning Potential

  • Location Dependent: Income varies based on machine placement and product type
  • Potential Revenue: Gross annual earnings could reach $6,000+ if you get a really good spot and get to know your customer base well 

#16: License Your Recipes


  • Share your culinary skills worldwide
  • Establish your reputation and brand as a culinary expert
  • See your recipes in various media, from food blogs to cooking shows


  • Legal Guidance: Costs associated with drafting licensing agreements
  • Marketing Expenses: Invest in promoting your recipes to potential licensors
  • Initial Investment: Time and money needed to create and pitch your recipes

Earning Potential

  • Variable Income: Earnings can vary based on the terms of your licensing deals
  • Potential for High Returns: Experienced chefs can earn significant fees per licensed recipe (we’re talking thousands of dollars)

#17: Get Design Royalties


  • Design on your schedule, perfect for balancing family commitments
  • Earn royalties without handling production or shipping
  • Design for a variety of products, expanding your potential market

Examples of Designs to License

  • Fabrics
  • Wallpaper
  • Phone Cases
  • Mugs
  • T-shirts


  • Software Investment: May need to purchase advanced design software to produce high-quality work
  • Time Commitment: Initial time investment to create appealing designs

Earning Potential

  • Royalties per Sale: Earn a percentage of every sale, which can accumulate to a decent amount over time
  • Scalable Income: Increase earnings by expanding your portfolio and leveraging popular designs

Bonus: 6 Other Passive Income Ideas

  1. Curate Subscription Boxes: Start a subscription box service focused on a niche you’re passionate about (*and that’s already proven to sell well), like eco-friendly baby products, craft supplies, or gourmet snacks. Curate items, package them well, and manage subscriptions monthly.
  2. Voice Acting: If you have a good voice and some quiet space at home, try voice-over work. You can narrate audiobooks, provide voice for animations, or record commercial voice-overs.
  3. Themed Cooking Classes: Host virtual cooking classes focusing on specific cuisines, healthy family meals, or cooking with kids. Record the sessions and sell access to them or offer live classes via Zoom.
  4. Home Decor Printables: Design and sell home decor printables like inspirational quotes, family chore charts, or wall art. Customers can download and print these items at home.
  5. Kids' Story Podcasts: Create and narrate children's stories and distribute them as a podcast. Monetize through sponsorships, advertisements, or premium episodes.
  6. Personalized Story Books: Write and illustrate personalized storybooks for children. Parents can provide details about their child to make the book special, like their name, favorite colors, or a personalized adventure.

Must-Have Tools and Helpful Communities for Stay-at-Home Moms

Depending on your passive income business venture, certain tools can be game changers. 

For writing eBooks, Scrivener simplifies organization, while Kindle Create can handle formatting. 

Selling crafts? Etsy is perfect for handmade goods, and Shopify works wonders for a broader online store.

Other Handy Online Resources & Advice:

  • Stay Social: Use apps like Buffer to keep your social media accounts lively without eating into family time and Mailchimp to send updates and promotions.
  • Organize Like a Pro: Use tools like Asana or Trello to help you organize your projects and ideas neatly so you can stay on top of everything without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Learn New Tricks: Platforms like Coursera and Udemy offer courses in everything from photography to marketing so you can sharpen your business skills.
  • Find Your Tribe: Connect with other moms in the same boat by joining Facebook groups or forums related to your business. It’s a great way to swap tips, get support, and stay accountable.

Common Passive Income Challenges & Solutions for Moms

  • Balancing Roles: Juggling motherhood, remote work, and business ventures can be TOUGH. Scheduling time for your business tasks without compromising precious family moments might feel impossible sometimes, but nap time is prime time to get work done (even if you only get an hour to yourself). 
  • Overcoming Isolation: Working from home and trying to build your first online business can be lonely. Consider engaging in online forums or local groups to make mom friends who know what you’re going through!
  • Stabilizing Income: Initially, passive income might not be steady, but slow and steady wins the race. Keep your eyes on the prize and try not to give in to “Shiny Object Syndrome” each time a new side hustle pops up. That’s just a recipe for burnout. 
  • Maintaining Motivation: Motivation isn’t steady for a single human being on this planet. Set small, manageable goals and celebrate when you achieve them. Join workshops or courses to stay inspired and learn new strategies that can help you remember how far you’ve come and why you started this side hustle in the first place. 

Listen to Carolina talk about juggling self-publishing with raising 3 boys on her own and what got her through the hardest days: 

Stop Selling Your Time and Start Selling Your Ideas

If you're looking for a way to earn money online without selling your soul or grinding 24/7 for peanuts, you've come to the right place. Any of the ideas presented in this list can be a nice change of pace, but self-publishing has singlehandedly paid for college tuition, helped stay at home parents overcome bad business debt, and even allowed some families to move abroad on their greatest adventure together yet. (Read Rebecca's story here!)

It takes work—we're not going to lie. Books don't just write, edit, or market themselves (who knew?), but AI is already cutting publishing times by half (if not more). Things like customer research that used to take weeks can be knocked out in a week, and writer's block is pretty much extinct now that we can all generate unlimited ideas at the click of a button.

And once your book is published, it can quite literally go on to sell forever. We're talking decades of royalty checks getting delivered straight to you for a book you don't even touch or think about anymore. Think about that for a second, and then imagine what kind of freedom that unlocks.

Join thousands of other busy stay at home parents, teachers, farmers, and college students taking their income and schedule into their own hands!

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