Side Hustles for Working Moms: Top 18 Ideas to Boost Your Income

Discover the top 18 side hustles for working moms to boost your income and balance your busy schedule. Start earning more today!

Side Hustles for Working Moms: Top 18 Ideas to Boost Your Income
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Moms are basically professional jugglers, managing kids, work, and everything in between. 

Balancing a fulfilling career and loving family is equally challenging and rewarding, but what if you could add a little extra income to the mix without dropping any balls? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to treat yourself and your kids without feeling guilty about it? 

Whether you’re a natural entrepreneur or just starting your side hustle journey, there are plenty of ways to maximize your time, enhance your skills, and boost your income—all while keeping the household running smoothly.

Incoming! A list of the most common side hustles for working moms in 3, 2, 1…

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Common Types of Side Hustles for Working Moms

Routines are great for keeping things running on track, but sometimes, they can feel like a never-ending loop. 

If you’ve already found a good flow balancing a career, home life, and family, but you could use a change, why not add a side hustle to shake things up? 

Here are five fun and flexible types of side hustles perfect for busy moms:

  1. Online Jobs: Work from home on your own schedule. Try freelance writing, virtual assistant gigs, or online tutoring. Fit it in when the kids are napping!
  2. Gig Economy: For moms who love variety and flexibility. Drive for rideshare, deliver groceries, or tackle tasks on TaskRabbit. Pick jobs that fit your timetable.
  3. Recurring Income: Set it and (mostly) forget it. Rent out space on Airbnb, invest in stocks, or create content for ad revenue. Minimal effort, steady cash!
  4. Creative Ventures: Turn your hobbies into money-makers. Sell crafts on Etsy, start a YouTube channel, or write a book. Let your creativity shine!
  5. Health & Wellness: Combine fitness and fun. Teach virtual yoga, become a fitness instructor, or start a health blog. Stay fit and earn cash!

The Top Side Hustles for Working Moms

Ready for a change of pace? Discover our top side hustle ideas that let you earn cash and have fun. Perfect for adding a little extra excitement to your routine.

#1: Publishing On Amazon: The Best Side Hustle

The self-education industry is booming (like billions of dollars booming), and self-publishers are cashing in big time. Ready to join the ranks? 

Here’s why self-publishing on Amazon is the best way to earn money as a side hustle:

What Are the Benefits of Self-Publishing?

  • Flexibility: Write during nap time, after bedtime, or whenever you find a moment of peace. Self-publishing lets you work around your family’s schedule.
  • Royalties: Earn up to 70% royalties on each sale. Your creative stories or helpful guides can bring in steady income while you focus on being a supermom.
  • Low Costs to Get Started: Tackle the writing, editing, and formatting yourself, or partner with freelancers and use AI writing tools that fit your budget.

How Profitable is Self-Publishing?

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  • Student Testimonials: Listen to real students talk about how they ended up in the publishing world from various backgrounds, like farming, teaching, and even scuba diving, and see how royalties are changing their lives! Find out more here.
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#2: Sell Handmade Crafts On Etsy

Accessorize? More like monetize! Turn your creative hobbies into cash by selling handmade crafts like tumblers, embroidered towels, stickers, and jewelry on Etsy. 

What is Etsy?

Etsy is the ultimate online marketplace for handmade and vintage goodies. It’s where your creative flair meets a global audience, ready to fall in love with your crafts.

Fastest Growing Etsy Shops

Check out some of the fastest-growing Etsy shops featured on Business Insider and Today run by fellow moms! 

  • Kelly Byrnes made $23,000 in just 3 months while working from home 
  • Larissa is based out of Nebraska and specializes in personalized gifts 
  • SuVeeDesigns focuses on earrings, jewelry, and coasters

#3: Become a Freelancer

Calling all creative moms! Put your talents to work by becoming a freelancer. 

Whether it’s designing logos, crafting web designs, or creating marketing materials, this flexible side hustle lets you work from home and on your own schedule.

Common Types of Freelancing Jobs

  • Graphic Design: Create stunning visuals for businesses.
  • Writer or Ghostwriter: Write articles, blogs, or even books.
  • Social Media Content Creator or Manager: Help brands shine online.

Where to Find Freelancing Jobs

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • WeWorkRemotely
  • FlexJobs 

#4: Be a Virtual Assistant For Small Businesses

Know a thing or two about time management? Help small businesses with admin tasks, emails, and social media updates. 

  • Use your organizational superpowers to keep things running smoothly.
  • Juggle emails like a pro while sipping your morning coffee.
  • Stay social by managing updates during nap time.

#5: Explore Affiliate Marketing

Promote products and earn commissions for sales through your referral links. Perfect for moms with blogs or a decent social media presence!

  • Share your favorite finds and get paid for it.
  • Turn your social media scrolls into earning opportunities.
  • Earn while you mom—perfect during playdates and school pickups.

#6: Start Teaching Online Courses

Share your expertise and generate recurring income by teaching online courses in a subject you love. This side hustle gets an A+! 

  • Teach from your cozy home—no classroom needed.
  • Share your mom-wisdom with the world.
  • Earn money even while you sleep—hello, steady income!

Other Common Side Hustles for Working Moms 

Keeping your options open? 

Here are a dozen more side hustle ideas that pair well with mom life. 

#7: Start Pet Sitting for Friends and Family

  • Snuggle with cute pets while earning extra cash.
  • Flexible hours to fit around your busy mom schedule.
  • Perfect for animal lovers—get paid for playtime!

#8: Open Your Home to Space Rentals

  • Rent out a spare room or garage with platforms like AirBNB.
  • Easy extra income without significant effort.
  • Meet new people while earning from home.

#9: Transcription Or Data Entry Services

  • Quick work done from your cozy couch.
  • Minimal equipment needed—just your computer!
  • Perfect for moms with a talent for detail and accuracy.

#10: Consult Other Businesses In Your Area Of Expertise

  • Share your skills and help other businesses thrive.
  • Network with professionals while earning extra.
  • Use your expertise without leaving home.

#11: Explore Voice-Over Work For Commercials Or Animations

  • Lend your voice for fun projects from home.
  • Minimal equipment needed—just a good mic!
  • Perfect for moms with a flair for drama, acting, and improv.

#12: Offer Editing And Proofreading Services

  • Polish up documents for authors, students, and businesses.
  • Work from home and on your own schedule.
  • Great for detail-oriented moms with a love for words.

#13: Start a Meal Prep Service

  • Cook up a storm and get paid for it.
  • Help busy families with delicious, ready-to-eat meals.
  • Perfect for organized moms who love to cook.

#14: Start Your Own Blog or YouTube Channel

  • Share your passions and attract readers or viewers.
  • Generate income through ads, sponsors, or affiliates.
  • Be your own boss and work on your own schedule.

#15: Become a Fitness Coach

  • Help others reach their health goals.
  • Offer services in person or online.
  • Perfect for fit moms who love exercise and wellness.

#16: Explore Event Planning

  • Organize memorable events like weddings and parties.
  • Use your creativity and coordination skills.
  • Turn your love for planning into a profitable gig.

#17: Offer Your Translation Services

  • Use your language skills to make extra income.
  • Translate documents or conversations between languages.
  • Perfect for bilingual moms looking to use their talents.

#18: Start a Resume Writing Service

  • Help clients craft impressive resumes and cover letters.
  • Use your writing skills to boost others' job prospects.
  • Flexible work that fits into your busy schedule.

Trying out these side hustles might not lead to overnight success, but that’s okay! 

Experiment and find what meshes well with your mom duties. With a blend of creativity and passion, you'll open doors to new opportunities for personal and financial growth.

Keep hustling, and continue being the incredible mom you are!

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How Can I Make $3,000 A Month As A Side Hustle?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can stay-at-home moms realistically earn money without a formal job?

Absolutely! You’ve got the skills and interests to make money with fun and flexible side hustles. Flip thrift store treasures, offer online tutoring, or share your expertise through coaching.

Turn your passions into a steady income stream and keep the flexibility to juggle family time!

What side hustles are suitable for moms involved in sports and activities?

Love being active? Put your passion to work! 

Offer coaching, training, or fitness instruction both in-person and virtually. Refereeing or organizing local leagues and tournaments are great options, too. Plus, you can start a blog about your sport and earn through ads and affiliate marketing by sharing your expertise.

What are some efficient ways to balance a side hustle with full-time parenting?

Finding the balance between a side hustle and parenting can be tricky, but you’ve got this!

  • Set specific goals: Define clear, manageable goals for your side hustle.
  • Create a schedule: Use nap times, after bedtime, or early mornings for focused work.
  • Get creative with time: Use apps and tools like Asana and Basecamp to stay organized and efficient.
  • Involve the family: Let your family know about your side hustle goals and ask for their support.
  • Be flexible: Adjust your plans as your family's needs change.

Keep Your Head Up, Mama! 

Juggling a family, career, and side hustle is no small feat, but you’re doing an amazing job! 

With these side hustle ideas and a bit of determination, you can boost your income and find new passions along the way. Remember to stay flexible, embrace the chaos, and celebrate your wins, big and small. 

You’ve got this, supermom!

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