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Student Obsessed

We are very aware that the success of Publishing Life relies directly on the success our customers experience in their own self-publishing businesses, which is why we prioritize our products more than anything.


Simplified teaching methods

Our products are for people of any experience level that are looking to build an income for themselves online. All our training is beginner friendly which means turning complex ideas into simple concepts and strategies that anyone can understand and implement.


How can we improve this?

Our top priority is customer success, and so we are always searching for better ways of doing things. This is why when we approach any step in the publishing process, we always ask ourselves two questions... "How can we make this easier" and "How can we do this step for them".

It is our duty to deliver the absolute best training and coaching services in the Amazon and Audible self-publishing industry. That means we are always testing to find better strategies of publishing and marketing books, and constantly updating our products to reflect that.

Join us and make a difference creating life-changing passive income for everyday people.

We have the highest success rate from our programs compared to any other online business opportunity.

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