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Enjoy flexible, fully-remote opportunities while helping everyday people create income freedom through online publishing.
20,000 + people from around the world have used our programs to build passive income and the life they’ve always dreamed of.

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We're an innovative, fast-growing company with all the opportunity for impact and career growth that comes with the territory. There's a lot of great work being done here by a lot of great people. Up for a challenge (and ready for an adventure)? Join us.

Charlotte, COO Publishing Life

Culture is a leading online education company undergoing tremendous growth.

With team members setting their own schedules from around the world, we embrace the same balanced lifestyle we teach our students.

Inclusion, full transparency & mutual respect are cornerstones that allow people to thrive while loving what they do. Story
"The amount of growth we've had in the last year, not only as a company but as a team of people supporting the same vision is astounding. We're here to do big things and looking for crazy go-getters to join us."
Charlotte Mikkelsen, COO

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Your Life - Your Hours

Set your hours, not your alarm clock.
At we prioritize performance over attendance.

Excellent Growth & Income Opportunities

We’re an innovative, fast-growing company with fantastic career growth opportunities. Want to make an impact & enjoy the rewards? Join us.

Work From Anywhere

The entire team enjoys working remotely from anywhere. Whether you’re a digital nomad or prefer a home office, you’ll fit right in.

Love What You Do

Grow, learn & be inspired working on ambitious projects with a world class team.

Health Insurance

We got you covered! Health, dental and life insurance plans are available to our US employees.

Have A Real Impact

Want to make a difference? Most of our best initiatives come from our team & we’d love to hear yours.


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Paid travel for in person team events & meetings
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Generous & flexible time off
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100% paid medical & life insurance*
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Optional insurance coverage for family members*
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Paid holidays & sick days*
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*US-based full time employees

Our core values

Our core values - Great freakin' attitude
Our core values - Happy but never satisfied
Our core values - Student obsessed

Words from the team

“Generous, down-to-earth leaders that actually care about you”

“This has to be the best team you will ever work for … I can work from anywhere which gives me the opportunity to have a holiday lifestyle and the interesting business we teach not only benefits the people we teach it to, but also ourselves”

Hannah Coley
Accountability Coach
“My family and I will forever be grateful and appreciative”

“Working for and publishing thanks to AIA is more than a job, more than a means to an end … it’s literally making dreams come true. Because of what has unfolded in the past year, we have the opportunity to make big, bold moves.”

Melissa Madsen
Product Development Assistant
“Doing a job I love & having the freedom to do it from anywhere is a dream come true”

“I’m feeling SO grateful for this incredible company today as I set up for my work day in PORTUGAL. Thank you PL”

Samaria Simmons
Student Experience Specialist
“Feels like you are working within a close-knit community”

“I work with a global team whose members treat each other like family, and I’ve learned first-hand what it looks like to see team members strive together to reach goals, excellence, and to rethink what is possible for our students”

Cody Smith
Head Coaching Trainer
“The culture is transparent: every employee, irrespective of their position is given a chance to be heard”

“I have been a pioneer member at, I have seen this company grow from 3 employees to more than 40 and it is still growing … it’s a really great place to work””

Shahmir Nasir
Head of IT Operations
“Helped me thrive professionally”

“Working within such a forward thinking company has helped me thrive professionally because I am in an environment where scrutiny is never thrown upon those who show up and do their best work”

Rebecca Pierce
Accountability Coach
“This truly doesn’t feel like work to me”

“As far as company culture is concerned, in my over 30 years in the workforce I can honestly say this is the best group of colleagues I have ever worked with”

Stefan Hettich
Personal Coach
“With existing, Disney World may not be the happiest place on earth!”

“ has provided me with an opportunity to grow, learn and thrive while working with a team that genuinely cares about providing value to its customers and industry”

Inalegwu Churchill Adoga
Head of Support Manager
“I truly felt like I was meant to be at”

“I absolutely LOVE reporting to work everyday. I love the entire team .. and what an AMAZING TEAM it is! Not to mention, the work-life balance I now have!”

Becky Sylvera
Head of Human Resources
“An incredibly supportive, fun and engaging team”

“Since I’ve been a part of the family, I’ve been able to help others on their paths to financial freedom and I get to do that within an incredibly supportive, fun and engaging team”

Ed Fahy
Workshop Coach
“This is by far the best work culture ever”

“It’s positive, non-judgemental, wants the best for every member to thrive and goes out of its way to get honest feedback. From thought to idea to implementation, things get done quick and change happens fast!”

Karman Hajrah
Personal Coach

Our teams

As unique as you are

When you prioritize attitude over experience, you get to work with an amazingly diverse group of characters. Want to thrive at and beyond your work?

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Amazingly diverse group of characters
Founder profile pictures

“Hire for attitude and train for skills. You can always teach skills, but you can’t teach a good freaking attitude.”

Christian & Rasmus | Founders