$10k Award Winners share inspiring story

Taig & Anthony

Have you ever wanted to quit your job and have the freedom to live life on your terms? Taig O'Shea & Anthony Nwaneri are a duo who were able to do just that. After two years in AIA, they were able to live completely off the royalties they made from their (very) successful books. In fact, they were able to build a thriving business by selling backend products to the buyers of their books. In this interview we talk about how publishing changed their life & perspective, how they were able to build a profitable backend business from their books, how they grew their audience to 10k+, and how they were able to learn exactly what problem their audience needed to solve. Oh and on top of all that they used to be AIA coaches and they have coached over 1,000 students with their books. So, you're going to learn from these publishing vets who shared tips that will give you strategies for your own publishing journey!

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