Is AIA a Scam or Legit? What You Need To Know to Decide for Yourself

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Is AIA a Scam or Legit? What You Need To Know to Decide for Yourself
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Nowadays, most of us use smartphones that aren’t corded to the wall, we carry our computers with us in our backpacks, and some of our cars can even drive themselves. Why? We’ve found ways to make our lives a little easier with tech. Self-publishing is the same thing. 

We no longer need outdated traditional publishers to tell us what to do or how to do it. The internet and courses like our AI Publishing Academy (AIA) have made publishing accessible to anyone with a computer and the right motivation. 

Of course, these days, it seems like a new side hustle is born every 60 seconds, so it’s hard knowing where to invest your hard-earned money and precious time. If you’ve been wondering whether AIA is a scam or legit, this blog will hopefully help you come to the right decision for you after getting a closer look at what the comprehensive course has to offer. 

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What Is AI Publishing Academy?

The AI Publishing Academy is a program created by the Mikkelsen Twins, Rasmus and Christian, which shares a proven business model for making money online by self-publishing books across thousands of profitable niches. The Mikkelsen Twins teach regular everyday people how to build passive income on Amazon by tapping into the growing AI sector, with no tech or writing experience required.

With this course, the twins teach you how to infuse AI throughout the publishing process to create high-quality content that people actually want to read in a fraction of the time it would take to go through a traditional publishing house. The twins also recommend strategies for outsourcing certain steps of the writing, editing, and formatting process to create win-win scenarios with other creative professionals. is also driving the initiative for a one-stop-shop AI publishing software that is already conducting detailed customer research, creating optimized book outlines, and generating a full original manuscript in its beta stages. This wizard will integrate with the course upon its official launch. 

The AI Publishing Academy is your roadmap to publishing a good book without the hassle of trying to figure out every step on your own. The course is continuously being updated and offers everything you need to turn your ideas into profits. 

With instant access to videos, live Q&A calls, ghostwriter recommendations, and a resource library including perfected AI prompts, you have everything you need to take your publishing business into your own hands. The course offerings provide all the support you need to be successful without making any creative decisions for you the way that a traditional publishing house would. 

Is AIA A Scam?

AIA is NOT a scam, but the Mikkelsen Twins also know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

Kindle direct publishing is a real way to earn passive income on the side for those who are willing to invest in the process and see it all the way through. It doesn’t work for the people searching for a get-rich-quick system to make their first million dollars in a week or an easy button that takes 100% of the work off their plate. The system can get you on the path to meet your publishing and income goals, and you won’t have to walk it alone, but no one else can take those first steps for you.

Some people might perceive AIA as a scam if they come into the program expecting the strict guidelines and rules of a traditional publishing house but then realize we don’t roll that way. Although we teach you how to spot the most profitable niches hiding in plain sight on Amazon, and we give constructive criticism when it can contribute to your growth, we will never force anyone to publish anything. We’re just the soundboard and coach. We’ll tell you which plays we’ve seen work and which ones we’ve seen come with a lot of hurdles. But, ultimately, you get to decide which plays you want to make. 

We’ll show you how to optimize your book outline, get connected with vetted ghostwriters, and publish the best dang book you can publish, but we won’t tell you WHAT to publish or WHEN to publish it. You get to decide on your own timeline and what feels most comfortable to you. 

The Mikkelsen Twins have been transparent about the publishing mistakes they made early on in their publishing journey and now use those mistakes as fuel to help others find the path of least resistance to making money with Amazon. 

You can read their student self-publishing testimonials and reviews here.

In the AI Publishing Academy, you learn everything about how to begin a self-publishing business and how to create sustainable growth. The main difference between AIA and other online courses in this space is that the strategy and content are continuously being updated, ensuring higher accuracy and accountability. The purpose is to offer more control over what you publish while respecting content guidelines and compliance policies across audiobook and distribution platforms.

Put it this way. You need eggs, flour, sugar, and a handful of other ingredients to bake a cake. If you’re missing even one of those ingredients, you won’t bake the same cake as someone who follows the recipe to a T. 

Bottom line? The program works for those who work the program. 

Where Did The Mikkelsen Twins Come From? 

As the co-owners of (formerly known as Publishing Life), the Mikkelsen Twins weren’t always sure of their direction in life. Originating from Denmark, the twins went to community college and worked at a Chinese delivery company, among several other side hustles and odd jobs that left them wanting something more. They were searching for meaning and income when they fell into publishing online. 

They felt like they had struck gold! They weren’t buying sports cars and designer watches, but publishing awarded them something even better. 

Soon, Christian and Rasmus were making enough money from their books to start a better life. They moved out of their parents' house, left college, and bought one-way tickets to Asia. They couldn’t believe they were finally getting paid to live life on their own terms from anywhere in the world that they wanted. 

The following year, the Mikkelsen Twins moved to Hawaii, and Christian decided to try his hand at publishing audiobooks. Their business exploded, and what started as two brothers trying to figure out life together became a full-fledged business. This was their breakthrough moment. Not only would they begin teaching others their exact process for making meaningful income online, but Christian would also meet his future wife, Charlotte, who is heading’s initiative to create a first-of-its-kind AI manuscript generator. The two share one happy baby and three hyper dogs together. 

The team has expanded to include more than 70 publishing enthusiasts across the globe, ranking as the #19 fastest-growing company in America in 2023 according to Inc. They’ve helped thousands of students take publishing into their own hands and escape their 9-5s with even bigger goals for the future. 

Head over to read’s TrustPilot reviews to read verified testimonials and see how the company has maintained a 4.8 star rating out of 5 stars.

Hear About The Publishing Life From AIA Students 

No two students go about building the publishing life they want the same way, and that’s the beauty of the AIA community. Some people are just looking for a side income to cover their car lease; others are trying to transition into a new career entirely. All things are possible with self-publishing. 

Troy Makous is an AIA student who got into publishing simply because he wanted to create his own business and be his own boss. Within a year, Troy was already making $1,300 a month.

Lynda Neville also talked about her experience, where she went from zero to 25 books in only a year. Two of those books brought her $9,000 in revenue in just one month after implementing the twin’s lessons. 

Mel Madsen was trying to juggle taking care of three kids in the middle of a pandemic when she decided to take the leap and see what self-publishing is all about. She went from tired and burned out to publishing 30 books within a year. Not only is she a supermom, but she’s also an AIA coach now!

And there are dozens and dozens of other success stories from self-publishers just like these ones. A common theme here is that AIA students want others to find the same success that they did. You won’t find a more supportive or uplifting community in this space! 

How Does AI Publishing Academy Work? 

The AI Publishing Academy currently offers seven modules broken down into several lessons each, but the course is always growing and expanding with bonus content at no extra cost to current students. The modules are all self-paced to fit every lifestyle, whether you’re a busy mom of three or a college student trying to fit in a business lesson between finals. 

Module 1: Developing a Millionaire Mindset

Just like it takes a certain mindset to play in the Super Bowl or compete in the Olympics, it takes a certain mindset to build a publishing business. A lot of mindset advice can feel generic, but Christian and Rasmus took the time to create templates and resources backed by psychology and other scientific research to kick your schedule and habits into overdrive without any of the typical cookie-cutter tips and tricks. 

Module 2: Choosing a Profitable Topic

There’s no use pouring all your time and energy into something that other people won’t actually read, which is why the Mikkelsen Twins devote an entire lesson to choosing a publishing niche based on data. 

Other lessons in this module explain how to transform ChatGPT into a cure for writer’s block and an unlimited idea generator. You will also find an Ultimate Prompt Sheet here that explains exactly what to feed into ChatGPT to produce winning results every time. 

Module 3: Creating Your Book 

Module 3 takes you deeper into how to use AI to generate catchy author pen names, optimized book titles, thorough customer research, and a rock-solid book outline. You will also get 6 valuable ghostwriting mini-lessons to make sure you don't spend thousands on low-quality or plagiarized content. 

By the end of the module, you’ll know the ins and outs of how to earn money on Amazon KDP without writing the book yourself while still abiding by Amazon’s content guidelines. 

Module 4: Adding the Finishing Touches 

This module offers training on how to conduct necessary quality checks throughout the manuscript process to make sure you’re putting out quality content. You will find out how to create or outsource the creation of a good cover as well as learn where to find the best professionals for proofreading, editing, and formatting the book. 

Module 5: Planning a Successful Book Launch 

This module walks you through creating an Amazon KDP account and successfully publishing your book online, as well as how to copyright your book, gain a steady stream of book reviews, and tailor your pricing strategy according to the market to maximize book sales. There’s even an entire lesson dedicated to running Amazon ads by a verified Amazon specialist. 

Module 6: All About Audiobooks

Module 6 walks you through the bread and butter of the Mikkelsen Twins’ original publishing career: converting eBooks into audiobooks. This module covers everything from setting up an ACX account to connecting with professional narrators and crafting an audiobook launch strategy. 

Module 7: Multiplying Income Streams

This module is for those who want to take their online income to the next level. The twins have prepared several lessons to help you reach more readers and scale your publishing business to as much as multiple six figures. It includes an expert recorded interview with Juan Born, who followed the AIA methods and sold his publishing business for over $100k. 

Course Bonuses 

AI Publishing Academy membership comes with several bonuses intended to make the self-publishing journey even smoother. Some of these bonuses include: 

  • Access to a private Facebook group with over 30k members who are there to answer your questions and cheer you on as they take on the same journey
  • Tax-saving secrets and tips for protecting your business 
  • A masterclass for publishing on a budget
  • Access to previous live coaching recordings that are searchable to help you find the answers you need even quicker

Christian and Rasmus have been completely hands-on with the course from its start. They’re constantly collaborating with our coaches to spot opportunities for new and improved lessons and bonuses. While the content of the course might change, its mission to make publishing as accessible as possible will remain. 

Is the AI Publishing Academy Right for Me? 

The AI Publishing Academy is a legitimate course for people who want to gain passive income from publishing. Yes, even if you might be thinking…

I don’t know anything about publishing or writing (It’s 100% beginner-friendly!)

I barely have any free time as it is (Even 15 minutes a day gets you closer to your goals!)

I don’t know anything about AI or technology (We’ll catch you up to speed in one lesson!) 

My English isn’t that strong yet (We have students from all over the world. It’s not a problem!)

I don’t feel that confident in my skills (That’s why we’ve built a community to lean on)

The AIA program plugs into your lifestyle and gives you the power to craft your ideal future without having to sacrifice what’s important to you. Whether you’re looking for the freedom to spend more time with family or the freedom to travel the world and work from the beach, your publishing journey is completely your own!

We’re rooting for you!

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