Self-Publishing FAQ: Dealing with Disliked Ghostwritten Manuscripts

What do you do when the work of your ghostwriter wasn't what you expected? (Panicking is NOT the answer)

Self-Publishing FAQ: Dealing with Disliked Ghostwritten Manuscripts
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Our private AI Publishing Academy Facebook group has grown to over 31k members over the years. Our community uses this group to find accountability partners, ask questions, and interact with our seasoned publishing coaches (most of whom are former AIA members themselves)! 

Running Into a Self-Publishing Snag

Self-publishing vs. Traditional publishing is like light and day when it comes to creative control and freedom, but that doesn’t mean the journey is always easy.

Here’s a Facebook post a member of our group shared at the beginning of the month after he hit an unanticipated snag: 

Shayne was a graphic designer with decades of experience who hired a ghostwriter to help him complete a manuscript all bout graphic design. The problem? What the ghostwriter turned in didn’t match his expectations…at all. 

The Solution

Check out what one of our lovely self-publishing coaches commented in response: 

Shayne replied with a newfound sense of confidence to open the dialogue with his ghostwriter and continue on his publishing journey. We don’t share this to scare you about working with ghostwriters because this definitely isn’t the norm! But we do share it with you to remind you that bumps in the road happen. Let them be a detour, NOT a stop sign! 

If you’re unhappy with what your ghostwriter turns in, you have several options: 

-Let them know you appreciate their hard work, but it’s not quite what you were expecting. 

-Share samples of voice/tone that better match the vision you have for your book in your head. 

-Part ways with your writer on cordial terms and find someone else to help you! 

Keep Going!

There are three main takeaways from this conversation: 

1) Humans aren’t perfect. Never have been and never will be!

2) Communication can change everything, and feedback in publishing doesn’t have to be personal. It’s ultimately about the future reader’s experience. How can you do right by your readers? 

3) The only way to fail at self-publishing is to give up.

Have more self-publishing questions? Drop us a message or comment on Facebook!

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