The Best Self-Publishing Coach:

A good coach tells you what you did well and encourages you to keep going. A great coach pushes you to do better (even when you don't want to). How does's coaching stack up?

The Best Self-Publishing Coach:
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Many publishers who are writing and trying to release a book often underestimate the importance of a self-publishing coach. Self-publishing comes at a great cost, despite not having to pay many royalties to a traditional publishing company. If you enter the self-publishing world on the wrong foot, you may end up losing more than you are earning.

This is why you need a book coaching expert to guide you when you decide to self-publish. They can help you start your journey on the right foot so you may start your publishing career as successfully and pain-free as possible. In this article, you'll discover how our publishing coaching program can help you reach your publishing goals.

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Benefits of Our Self-Publishing Coach

There are several advantages that you may enjoy when working with our self-publishing coaches in our course, including:

Help from an Expert Self-Publisher

When you are self-publishing your own work, you likely have a target demographic or specific genre in mind. A non-fiction book and a fiction one may require different styles and research levels. Failing to adhere to them correctly can give a bad name to your brand or even get your publishing accounts flagged for failing to comply with the formatting and content guidelines. can connect new clients to expert self-publishers who have plenty of experience in that specific domain. This way, they will help you step into the writing world on the right foot, ensuring the book is written and formatted as it should be.

Our platform can connect you with seasoned self-publishers taught by our co-founders, Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen, for example. These pros can show you tips and how to avoid mistakes based on personal self-publishing experience. You can read our Mikkelsen Twins review page to see their qualifications and valuable insights they have to share.

Already-Developed Schedule

Self-publishing involves drafting, beta rounds, revisions, formatting, book cover work, an official book launch, and more. Managing all this can be rather complicated, making it near-impossible to sort heads from tails, let alone create a schedule.

A self-publishing coach such as can help you map out the time it will take to create the draft and what exactly you should expect from each stage. The schedule has already been developed and tested by thousands of people who started out reading a blog post just like this one, which is how you know it works. created an award-winning program that has already generated over $50 million for its students, bringing people all over the world with no prior publishing or writing experience make passive income on Amazon every day. You can make thousands of dollars in as little as a few months from simply 2-3 well-written books.

Assistance with Marketing and Sales

Publishing a book is very often the easy part once the writing, editing, and formatting have already been completed. There is just one problem here: the eBook store on Amazon has approximately 9 million books. This means that if this is your first time publishing a book and no one knows you yet, it might be difficult to differentiate yourself from other successful writers on the platform.

This is where a good publishing coach can once more prove helpful. They know exactly how your target audience is searching for different written books and what it is that they're searching for, so they know precisely how your book marketing plan should be structured. You should be able to make sales fast, eliminating all the costly trial and error that comes with running ads that don't get seen by relevant audiences.

Publishing Webinars and Research

Each book needs sound research backing it up, even if it's a fiction one. Without that, readers can find flaws in your writing background, which can reduce the sales of your book. With, research is made easier as you gain access to a continuously updated database with dozens of potential resources that you can use to improve the quality of your work.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of the process, you can also join our Amazon KDP Self-Publishing course and webinar. There, you can learn everything that it takes to publish a book that earns money. You'll even learn how to outsource the writing to be able to grow your publishing business even quicker.

Time-Saving Variant

Very often, when publishing a book, you need to invest a lot of time in it. Not only do you need to write the manuscript, but you also need to self-edit, create multiple drafts, and undergo different tasks to make it publishable. This can take months or even years for some publishers to do, especially if they have a day job. can work with you so that you can save as much time as possible throughout the entire process. We show you a way to make money on Amazon KDP without writing anything. But whether you want to write the book yourself or need help hiring a ghostwriter, the platform can save you from making time-consuming self-publishing mistakes, allowing you to publish as soon as possible and start earning royalties.

How Our Self-Publishing Process Makes You Better

There are several ways in which our proven process can turn you into a better publisher. Here is how we ensure your self-publishing journey goes as smoothly as possible.

Holds You Accountable

Whether you have already written multiple books or are an aspiring publisher, it can be quite difficult to stay on schedule. You promise yourself that you'll work on a certain number of pages every day, but then life starts getting in your way. The summer months have you basking in the sun and relaxing, or the holiday season keeps you busy with your family. And before you know it, your publishing project is like that pile of laundry you've been meaning to fold for a month.

This is where comes in. First, we will take a look at your goals and make sure the schedule you set to accomplish everything is realistic. After that, we can help keep you accountable. By keeping in touch with the publishing coach, you'll have someone looking out for your productivity and well-being throughout your entire entrepreneurial journey.

Takes You Through the Publishing Steps

When you are self-publishing for the first time, you may not know exactly which steps you should go through in order to be successful. The publishing world is also constantly changing, so you may not know how to keep up with it. A self-publishing consultant or coach can be helpful when helping you map out the process step-by-step, and coaches are very familiar with this process.

The course can take you through every step that a traditional publishing company would require without any of the added headaches of needing someone else's approval and permission for every creative decision you make. This includes editing, hiring a book cover designer, and creating a marketing plan for your book. When your book kicks off, the coach can also help self-publishers with book signing tips so that they can gain even more popularity.

Becomes Your Sounding Board

You may have all that it takes to publish your own book, but everyone runs into obstacles. Writer's block, procrastination, and imposter syndrome happen to the best of us. (Yes, even the authors and publishers on the New York Times Bestseller list).

This is why the community created its mission to help everyday people take control over their incomes and schedules on their own terms. When you are at a loss, you can brainstorm ideas with other students. When you're feeling uninspired, you can hop on a coaching call and learn from real experts or check out a growing private Facebook community of thousands of success stories. This should help you see the bigger picture of your publishing journey and remember that anything is possible.

Unlike traditional publishing companies that can modify your content to fit their rules, our publishing course helps you find your own direction. We see your potential and drive you toward proven results without sacrificing your soul (or sanity) in the process.

Offers the Right Connections

The general belief is that to write a book, you need to be a good writer. Still, there are plenty of people who have all the right ideas for writing a fabulous text but are completely clueless when it comes to publishing their own book from scratch. Many of these ideas go unpublished simply because those individuals did not think they had it in them to write that book.

This is where can help by offering you all the right connections. Whether you need a ghostwriter, an editor, or someone to design your book cover, a publishing coach can help connect you to vetted professionals who love what they do. This ensures that the job goes as smoothly as possible.

Why Is the Best Self-Publishing Coach has helped countless people generate passive income every month, and here are some factors that ascertain our potential:

Great Reviews

You need to work with a self-publishing coach that is highly rated and that may guarantee success. Otherwise, your books will not sell and will simply sit on your Amazon account without anyone paying attention to them. The reviews for can provide some insight into whether the company should be trusted or not.

The coaches have more than 1,000 reviews on Trustpilot from people who have achieved all sorts of financial success, from busy moms looking for a side income to ex-pilots and farmers who built six-figure publishing empires. No matter if the clients had zero tech experience or an established business background, they were able to create and publish books to gain a steady stream of income to fuel their other dreams.

Read our student self-publishing success stories here.

World-Class Support

In other programs, many self-publishing coaches are only available during limited hours, usually during the day. If you are a night owl and have a question during the evening hours, you would have to wait until the morning to get your answers. This might cause even a successful publisher to lose their productivity as their manuscript is put on hold.

With, the support you get is 24/7. No matter if you prefer to work at night or if you work in a different time zone, there's a community for you to post questions and get answers to. Whether you get an answer from other publishers or custom AI support, your question should be effectively addressed. This can help improve your publishing experience as there will be nothing to cause a "roadblock" in your productivity.

Custom AI Generation

New publishers may have the right idea for a book but may not know exactly where to go from there, how to do their research, or what their outline should contain. Others may know exactly what the right direction should be, but their writing skills may not be that great. offers you endless possibilities for developing a book with AI, providing you with resources that were never available before. You can use the recommended AI system to generate anything from manuscripts, book topic ideas, outlines, book descriptions, and more. Nowadays, systems based on artificial intelligence can easily generate accurate content at the click of a button (as long as you know how to prompt them correctly). And for whatever they miss, the recommended editors can step in and help you reach your publishing goals.


People who have never self-published a book in their entire life may feel wary of trying a publishing coach, thinking that the process may be too difficult or too expensive. However, you don't need any publishing experience or experience with Amazon to succeed. This is because we'll take you through the entire process from scratch in a way that is easy to understand and implement.

The A-Z training process will take every person who decides to self-publish through a 4-step income process. We also highlight different scaling strategies to show experienced publishers how to increase their streams of income while growing their publishing business. The end goal is always to help you sell more books than you did before and equip you with the autonomy to build your own ideal life.

Time-Friendly Schedule

Whether you are striving for indie publishing that has no deadline or want to get your book up on Amazon as fast as possible, a self-publishing coach meets you where you're at and goes at your own pace. You can create a schedule that allows you to make a sale in as little as a week, or you can go at a more relaxed pace. There's no right or wrong timeline for making money online with Kindle, and you know what's best for you and your family.

The course can provide unlimited program access, allowing you to schedule your book release within your ideal hours.

Check out our program and see how it will fit with your lifestyle!

The Bottom Line

Self-publishing is often the easiest way to publish a book without having to deal with the fees or hassles of a traditional publishing company. With the help of a publishing coach, you should be able to create bestsellers quickly and have fun throughout the entire process.

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