How To Write eBooks For Money: Revealing The Secrets

We’re talking about books—electronic books, that is. Authors are tapping into this new eBook market in a big way and finding new audiences for their work. We’ll show you everything you need to know about the eBook revolution and how you can jump on the bandwagon and cash in.

How To Write eBooks For Money: Revealing The Secrets
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The eBook revolution is sweeping across America, with a significant number of people turning to electronic reading.

This isn't your typical revolution from the history books; there are no battles or coups. It's a literary uprising, all about electronic books. Writers are diving headfirst into this burgeoning eBook scene, discovering fresh readership avenues. The Amazon Kindle, for instance, has seen a remarkable rise in its user base.

We’ll show you everything you need to know about the eBook revolution and how you can jump on the bandwagon and cash in.

What’s Fueling the eBook Revolution?

What’s behind this new eBook revolution? First, a little thing called the Internet. (Maybe you’ve heard of it?)

Okay, but seriously, the world wide web has disrupted pretty much every industry and the publishing industry is no exception. People don’t have to drive to a bricks-and-mortar store anymore to get their favorite page-turner. They can simply fire up their Amazon Kindle, open up the Kindle Store and start reading at the push of a button. Instant access!

Another thing fueling the eBook revolution is how Amazon has invested in its self-publishing platform Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). More authors are skipping the lengthy and often annoying process of getting a traditional publishing deal and taking their books straight to market on KDP. This means readers now have a much greater selection of content to pick from instead of just whatever the top publishing houses choose to publish.

Amazon has put so much time, effort and money into developing a self-publishing platform like KDP because it needs digital products for its Kindle Store. It needs inventory! Otherwise there isn’t much incentive for customers to buy or use their Kindle eReaders.

Advantages of eBooks

Another reason for the eBook revolution is the user experience of reading on a portable electronic reader. People are finding that there are a ton of advantages to eBooks and eReaders over hardcopy print books. (Fun fact: Amazon’s Kindle eReader and Apple’s iPhone were both released in 2007. Amazon’s Kindle eReader was originally called the “iPod of reading” since you could fit so many eBooks on it.)

Here are just a few advantages of eBooks:

  • eBooks are lighter and more portable than most hardcopy books
  • eReaders can be easier on the eye when reading for long periods of time
  • Gives you instant access to millions of books on the Kindle Store
  • You can choose from a wider variety of books including self-publishers
  • Save physical storage space with eBooks as opposed to a library of physical books
  • eReaders are affordable, have a long battery life and the newest models are even waterproof
  • Ability to check out books from your library to read on your eReader

With all these factors, it shouldn’t be surprising that the eBook market just keeps growing and growing and growing…

So how can you get a piece of the eBook pie? We’ll show you how getting into the eBook market is a lot easier than you might think.

eBook Market

How You Can Tap Into the eBook Market

You might not think of yourself as an author or publishers. But keep an open mind. People just like you—who started with the same doubts and questions—have taken their motivation for financial freedom and used KDP to fuel their dreams.

By writing and self-publishing poetry or a short eBook on Amazon’s KDP, you’ll be able to immediately reach millions of potential readers who can buy your book through the Kindle store. This means a revenue stream that is totally passive—meaning you’re making money while you’re sleeping instead of trading your time for a paycheck.

Students of our training are making anywhere from $1,000 a month all the way up to $10,000 a month in extra income. And these self-publishers started small with just one short eBook and built up their business from there. Some now have multiple full-length eBooks for sale—allowing them to quit their day jobs, travel the world and pursue their hobbies.

With a little education and drive, you can do the same thing!

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting an online side-hustle business that gives you some extra money to work with each month. Something you can grow to potentially even replace your day job (wouldn’t that be nice!).

Or maybe you’ve already written a book and you’re trying to figure out how to publish it. You’re wondering if you should start writing query letters to literary agents or just say, “Screw it!” and publish it on your own. (We obviously recommend the latter…)

Getting into the eBook market starts with one small step: writing a short eBook. This way you can learn how to do it, practice, start small with a baby step and build up your skills before you write a full-length eBook. And the best part is it doesn’t cost any money. You can write your first eBook to sell online for free!

But if you’re not sure how to write an eBook, don’t worry. We have tons of resources for you. But first, a quick breakdown of how easy it is to publish on Amazon’s KDP.

How to Publish on Amazons KDP

How to Publish on Amazon’s KDP

The first thing to know about KDP is that it’s completely free. There is no fee or subscription charge for independent publishers to use the platform. You can also publish as many books as you want!

It’s also super easy to publish on KDP. Once your book is written, and you have all the details and files ready, you can publish your book in less than five minutes. Once you hit “publish,” your eBook will be available within 72 hours to millions of potential readers around the world.

KDP also gives publishers a huge cut of each sale, a much bigger percentage than you would get with a traditional publishing deal. There are many tricks and best practices for pricing your Kindle book to follow. If you set your book’s list price between $2.99 and $9.99, Amazon will give you a 70% royalty of every sale. That’s amazing! You can also make extra money by enrolling in programs like Kindle Select which pays you based on page reads.

Finally, you’ll have much more control over your work by going down the self-publishing route. Instead of being bound by whatever ugly book cover some big-name publishing executives want, you can choose your own cover, title and description. You can even change and edit your book whenever you want and simply upload the new version.

We’ll Help You Get Started

Besides how-to publish articles and student success stories, we’ve created an online program that walks you through each step involved in self-publishing an eBook on Amazon.

You’ll learn things like:

  • How to choose the right topic and title
  • How to create an outline with AI writing tools
  • How to write your first eBook
  • How to edit it and format it for Kindle eReaders
  • How to publish it on KDP
  • How to leverage social media to announce your book
  • How to market your eBook to reach the widest audience possible
  • What to do after you’ve successfully published your first eBook!

If we’ve piqued your interest with all this talk of the huge eBook market, don’t wait. Now is the best time to get started on this next chapter in your career.

Join the eBook revolution! Sign up for our free webinar to get started today on your self-publishing journey and join the ranks of independent publishers around the world who are tapping into the massive eBook market.

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