What People Think It Takes to Self-Publish vs. What It Actually Takes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you have what it takes to self-publish?

What People Think It Takes to Self-Publish vs. What It Actually Takes [INFOGRAPHIC]
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There are a ton of myths floating around about what it really takes to start self-publishing and making money online. That’s the internet for you! We’re here to set the record straight. 

Does it really cost an arm and a leg? Do you really need a college degree? What if self-publishing was WAY easier than you ever thought? 

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What Most People Think It Takes to Be Successful with Self-Publishing

Once upon a time, the only way to get a book published was to work with a traditional publishing house that called all the shots. Printing was insanely expensive, so most authors didn’t even break even (and that’s if they got published at all). 

People grew tired of that pretty quickly and wanted to control their own income rather than dealing with a bunch of literary agents and publishers gatekeeping everything. And that’s how self-publishing was born

The problem is people aren’t always open to change, so a lot of the old ways of doing things stuck around as myths. That’s why you or someone you know might say things like self-publishing requires…

1. Tons of money

Jamie was drowning in debt when he started publishing after the pandemic crushed his cheesecake business dreams, and he was still able to turn that pain into over $6k in book royalties

2. A fancy degree from an Ivy League school

Samuel never felt like college was the right path for him and eventually took a break from school to try to figure out what he actually wanted to do. Publishing brought him nearly $4k in a single month that year and proved to him that you don’t need a degree to find a path you love. 

3. Advanced tech and writing skills

Robyn is one of those grandmas who loves her family more than anything but wouldn’t necessarily consider herself a tech expert. After fighting a ton of self-doubt, she realized she didn’t need to be an expert to make the publishing path work for her. 

4. Luck

Colby knows what it’s like to be down on your luck. After battling with addiction, Colby completely turned his life around by investing in himself and giving publishing his all. His story still makes our team emotional to this day. 

5. Months or even years of hopelessly waiting

Travis self-admittedly struggled with months of procrastination before taking publishing seriously. By getting over those initial mental blocks, he was able to earn nearly $1k in a month from his first book, and he knows it’s only the start!

What It Actually Takes to Be Successful with Self-Publishing

The people you met above aren’t superhuman, but they do share these five traits of all successful self-publishers: 

1. Patience

The results might not come overnight, but they will come…as long as you stick to it! Publishing is just like riding a bike. The training wheels will eventually come off, but you can’t rush the process, and no one else can learn to ride a bike (or publish a book) for you. 

2. Dedication

Moms, dads, college students…we’re all BUSY. Even one hour a day of working on your publishing business is enough to move the needle and get you closer to your dream income, schedule, and retirement. 

3. Determination

Things might go wrong. A ghostwriter might vanish into thin air, you might get your very first one-star review (it happens to the best of us), or you might have a family emergency. Part of being a business owner is learning how to stop letting external events define you or your success. 

4. The desire for more freedom & income

Haven’t you spent enough time daydreaming about changing your circumstances? With self-publishing, there is no limit to how much you can earn. There’s no boss to run your vacation days by. 

5. The ability to try new things & learn from your mistakes

The greatest business leaders started off as students and still are! The AIA community is filled with thousands of students from all over the world who look forward to collaborating with each other and holding each other accountable. There’s no room for arrogance or ego. We’re all here to learn. 

Publishing Just One Book Could Change Your Life

If you’re looking for encouragement and accountability, you’re in the right place. You’re here for a reason. Whatever circumstances you’re in, you know that you’re ready for a change. 

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