Top Podcasts for Self-Publishers & Online Entrepreneurs in 2024

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Top Podcasts for Self-Publishers & Online Entrepreneurs in 2024
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Podcasts really took off in the last few years, which makes sense. Most of us are busier than ever and could use some extra motivation every now and then. What better way to get a daily dose of inspiration and expert tips than something you can pop on your earbuds while running on a treadmill or tackling chores around the house? These days, a lot of podcasts even offer a video component for those who prefer to see the behind-the-scenes view. 

Out of the thousands of podcasts for self-publishers and online entrepreneurs, we’ve curated a list of 13 prime suggestions in this blog post. The list includes short bios for every host and recaps of some of their most popular episodes. 

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#1: Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett

Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett is one of the biggest podcasts in the world right now. 

The show offers an unfiltered journey into the lives and minds of influential people, experts, and thinkers. It covers topics ranging from entrepreneurship to personal growth to industry trends like the growth of AI. 

You might recognize Steven from the British version of Shark Tank called Dragon’s Den or all the companies he’s started and invested in, including Thirdweb, Flight Story, Flight Fund, and Huel.  

Top Guests & Episodes

  • Robert Greene: How To Seduce Anyone, Build Confidence & Become Powerful

Robert Greene dives into his work on power, seduction, mastery, and human nature. He reveals how we can all harness the lessons of history to thrive in all areas of life (including business). Robert is known for his influential books such as "The 48 Laws of Power," "The Art of Seduction," "Mastery," and "The Laws of Human Nature."

Don't let the clickbait title scare you away. His books have become part of the curriculum for some of the top business programs in the world! There's so much to learn from this guy about human psychology, business psychology, and how your competitors are using both to their advantage whether or not you realize it.

  • No.1 Neuroscientist: Stress Leaks Through Skin, Is Contagious & Gives You Belly Fat! - Dr. Tara Swart

Dr. Swart holds a PhD in Neuropharmacology and started her career as a successful psychiatrist. She then transitioned into becoming a top-level leadership coach, specializing in enhancing mental resilience and optimizing brain performance for CEOs. Her clients include leaders from Fortune 500 and Magic Circle firms. She is also a Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan and the author of the bestselling book, "The Source."

You might have even seen her in a TikTok or Instagram reel lately. She's everywhere!

Once again, don't be fooled by any of the titles of these videos. The conversation goes much, much deeper than just weight. Dr. Swart reveals some of the most insane psychological experiments she's researched and how you can integrate the findings into your own business or life path.

  • The Happiness Expert: Retrain Your Brain for Maximum Happiness! Mo Gawdat

Mo Gawdat, a leading expert in AI and the former Chief Business Officer of Google X is also a renowned author. His books, "Solve For Happy," "Scary Smart," and "That Little Voice In Your Head," mostly explore happiness and how AI is disrupting the entire globe. 

Mo is on a mission to help one million people become truly happy, and he's the epitome of growing a values-driven business.

#2: How to Be Rich with Ramit Sethi

This podcast covers everything from budgeting and investing to starting your own online business. It’s a goldmine for anyone looking to get their finances in order or dive into entrepreneurship in 2024.

Ramit’s not just any finance guy, either. He’s also a New York Times bestselling author and star of the show “I Will Teach You to Be Rich.” He’s a go-to expert on money matters—especially for couples.

His advice is no-nonsense, fun, and super actionable, perfect for anyone who wants to make smart money moves without getting bogged down by boring details.

Top Guests & Episodes

  • Episode 150: We're broke, but I spend $350/mo on clothes (Part 2) 

Ramit quizzes a couple on their conflicting financial habits and helps them work towards better budget management.

  • Episode 147: I don't trust him with money, so I check his cc accounts 

Ramit advises a couple struggling with money and honesty issues (more common than you'd think).

This is a throwback episode with Ramit sharing his unconventional insights on money psychology and his no-nonsense approach to designing a "rich life" (which is ultimately about a lot more than just money).

#3: Marketing School with Neil Patel

If you're an aspiring self-publisher or online entrepreneur, Marketing School with Neil Patel is a solid podcast.

It's hosted by two marketing veterans, Neil Patel and Eric Siu, who deliver daily lessons that cover a wide range of topics, from SEO and content marketing to social media and email marketing. This podcast can help you boost your online presence, regardless of whether you're building a new website or already have an established business.

You can also stay updated with the latest episodes on their YouTube channel

Top Guests & Episodes

  • What big brands actually sell, Mcdonald’s Netherlands put up unbranded billboards that smell like french fries, Is the marketing industry recovering?, and The Instagram $1B acquisition revisited - how to think about M&A

Neil and Eric discuss how big brands like McDonald’s and Nike make all their money through the art of storytelling. 

  • The Writing Secrets That Create Billionaires | David Perell

David Perell is a writing teacher, founder of a writing education company, and host of the “How I Write” podcast.

Here, he shares his best tips for writing that moves readers as well as a story of his faith. 

  • Smart examples of GPTs at work, The most valuable media channels, How Brian Johnson sold for $400M, and more

This episode talks about some of the smartest ways for business owners to use ChatGPT. 

#4: The Struggle Isn't Real with Codie Sanchez

Codie isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s a straight shooter and likes to keep things real. 

Her podcast aims to help self-publishers and online entrepreneurs find their passions and achieve success by listening to the stories of elite achievers, strivers, and doers. Codie asks her guests questions that you wouldn't typically hear at a dinner party and reveals what it really takes to make it in business (even as a newbie). 

The podcast is slightly dated, but you can catch up with Codie on her YouTube channel, where she shares all her latest “contrarian” business ideas. 

Top Guests & Episodes

  • Jim Rogers: Investing Legend & Original Nomad

Codie talks with the “Legendary Indiana Jones of Finance,” a best-selling author, hedge fund investor, and world traveler, about all the strange places that business has taken him. 

  • My Most Personal Podcast Yet: Neeta Bhushan

This episode gives you a better idea of what drives Codie as she reveals some of the hardest things she’s been through.

It’s also proof that it’s NEVER too late to start a business or try something new.

Being honest about what isn’t working and starting over is probably one of the best lessons you can learn when it comes to being an entrepreneur. 

  • How Selling Hot Dogs Led to Funding from Silicon Valley Who's Who

Codie talks with Sam Parr about his journey from slinging hot dogs on the street in Nashville to making it as a serial entrepreneur. 

#5: The Tim Ferriss Show

If you're an online entrepreneur or self-publisher, The Tim Ferriss Show should definitely be on your list of podcasts to follow.

Hosting in-depth interviews with successful individuals across various fields, Tim Ferriss provides tons of insights and advice on optimizing your life and work habits. 

You’ve probably heard of his bestselling book The 4-Hour Workweek.

As a listener, you'll gain access to practical tips from world-class performers about personal development, productivity, time management, and more niche areas like startups, creativity, and art.

Top Guests & Episodes

  • #735: Craig Foster of My Octopus Teacher — How to Find the Wild in a Tame World

The “My Octopus Teacher” documentary went completely viral a while ago, and this is an interview with the filmmaker/naturalist/author/ocean explorer behind it all.

The guy is a creative genius!

  • #730: Reed Hastings, Co-Founder of Netflix — How to Cultivate High Performance, The Art of Farming for Dissent, Favorite Failures, and More

Tim talks to one of the most powerful CEOs of our time about risk tolerance, context vs. control, and juggling multiple projects without losing focus. 

  • #728: Seth Godin — Coaching Tim on Overcoming Resistance, Lessons from Isaac Asimov, Writing Secrets After 8,500+ Daily Blog Posts, The Dangers of Authenticity, Practices for Consistency, and Much More

Ready to hear from one of the biggest publishers of all time?

Seth Godin has more than 20 international bestsellers under his belt and oversees one of the most popular marketing blogs in the world. 

#6: The GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience is a top podcast hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, content creator, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk.

As one of the biggest online entrepreneurs in the world, you can expect a mix of guest interviews, Gary's own thoughts on business and marketing, and highlights from his travels. 

If you're looking to stay motivated and learn from an industry leader, this podcast is for you!

Top Guests & Episodes

  • A Classic #AskGaryVee Episode featuring the Legend Tony Robbins

Listen to the self-help legend discuss success, motivation, and new strategies for personal growth (something we could all use a little more of). 

  • Embracing Change and Making Impact With Seth Godin

The marketing guru shares his ideas on creating a unique voice and brand to stand out in an increasingly crowded digital marketplace.

He also talks about starting a daily writing habit and flexing his empathy muscle. 

  • You're More In Control Than You Realize

In this episode, Gary talks all about accountability, the future of marketing, and the importance of surrounding yourself with good people!

#7: Side Hustle School

Side Hustle School is a daily podcast created to inspire and educate you on launching and growing your own side business.

Hosted by Chris Guillebeau, the author of the best-selling book The $100 Startup, this podcast is packed with wisdom to help you kickstart your entrepreneurial or publishing journey.

The episodes are all super short and straightforward, making it easy for you to fit your daily dose of inspiration into your busy schedule.

Top Guests & Episodes

  • Episode 38: Tour Guide Sells Astronomy Books to Tourists Episode 

Learn how a British software engineer moved to Spain, got a job as a tour guide, and created her own guidebook to accompany her tours.

  • Episode 276: University Lecturer Earns $2,000/month Writing Children’s Books

An ex-pat talks about their experience teaching abroad and turning their adventures into a children’s book series that brings in a substantial income. 

  • Episode 1075: Account Manager Draws Income from Adult Coloring Books

A Cleveland-based account manager talks about turning her hobby into a thriving digital business with multiple products.

#8: The Mel Robbins Podcast

The Mel Robbins Podcast is a must-listen for self-publishers and online entrepreneurs looking to improve their personal and professional lives.

Hosted by the renowned speaker and author Mel Robbins, the podcast delivers impactful, research-backed insights that will inspire you to take charge of your life and unlock your full potential!

In each episode, Mel shares her own experiences and interviews industry leaders and experts, providing valuable guidance on topics like goal setting, self-esteem, and anxiety management.

New episodes drop twice a week!

Top Guests & Episodes

  • 8 Small Habits That Will Change Your Life: The Best Expert Advice I’m Using This Year

Mel reflects back on her career and shares the best advice she’s heard about how to heal anxiety in the body, how to negotiate with a narcissist, how to find your purpose, and the best way to stay in shape at any age, plus so much more!

  • How to Build the Life You Want: Timeless Wisdom for More Happiness & Purpose

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar shares research from some of the top courses in Harvard’s history about how to use science-based tools to increase happiness in your life. 

  • The 51% Rule (and 3 More Strategies to Think Like a Millionaire)

Mel talks with Steven Bartlett (from Diary of a CEO), and together, they share the 4 steps of making better decisions in your personal and professional life.

#9: The Jay Shetty Podcast

The Jay Shetty Podcast, also known as On Purpose with Jay Shetty, is all about personal growth and self-improvement.

Through deeply personal interviews and workshops, Jay explores mental health, mindfulness, and personal transformation to help you live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. The podcast has been running for five years and has consistently ranked at the top! Just like Mel’s podcast, new episodes drop twice a week. 

With a focus on improvement, Jay encourages you to be the best version of yourself.

Top Guests & Episodes

  • 7 Ways to Reduce the Time You Spend Overthinking & Make Better Decisions Quicker

Overthinking is often the #1 block in the way of pursuing entrepreneurship, whether that path looks like self-publishing or buying an existing business.

Jay Shetty tackles that problem here and gives you the tools to act and celebrate all the small wins. 

  • Jay & Radhi Answer Questions About Productivity Hacks, Using Your Energy Effectively, and How to Have Positive Self-Talk

Jay’s wife, Radhi Devlukia, joins him and the pair reflects on their relationship together.

They also tackle how to stay productive every day and leave an impact in the community you serve. 

  • 7 Steps on How to Silence Your INNER CRITIC Especially When it Gets TOO LOUD and Becomes Overwhelming

This episode is for you if you’ve ever dealt with imposter syndrome.

You’ll learn all about the most common reasons why people quit and how to tap into your resilience.

#10: Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal

The Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal podcast offers a wealth of knowledge for self-publishers and online entrepreneurs looking to level up their productivity and business skills. 

Hosted by Dr. Ali Abdaal, the world's most-followed productivity expert and author of Feel Good-Productivity, the podcast dives deep into the minds of entrepreneurs, creators, and other inspiring individuals to uncover the philosophies, strategies, and tools that help us reach our biggest goals.

As you listen to the show, you'll find practical advice on productivity, personal development, business strategies, and more!

Top Guests & Episodes

  • Does Money Buy Happiness? A Conversation with Deca-Millionaires 

Two friends join Ali, and the trio talks about their personal journeys with wealth.

They also explore themes of identity and managing lifestyle costs on the way to discovering their purpose. 

  • How To Build A 1.5 Million Following Online As A Writer – The Cultural Tutor

Ali talks to Sheehan Quirke, a man who quit his job at McDonald’s to write full-time and grew his following to over 1.5 million within just a few months.

The duo talks about why it’s so important to share your thoughts and feelings with the world (and how it can make you major $$$). 

  • You’re Not Lazy: How To Make Discipline Easy – Ryan Holiday

Ali and Ryan Holiday discuss balancing passion with a busy life and many responsibilities, like parenthood.

Ryan has tons of bestselling books under his belt and gets to do what he loves every day, which is mostly writing and spending time with his kids. 

#11: The Game with Alex Hormozi

The Game with Alex Hormozi is a popular podcast that focuses on online entrepreneurship and business growth.

The host, Alex Hormozi, is an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker with a net worth of over $100 million dollars. He shares his insights, experiences, and tips on how to get more customers, make more profit per customer, and keep them longer, as well as the many failures and lessons he has learned on his path from $100M to $1B in net worth.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex’s team a few times, and we’re fans for life! The guy knows what he’s talking about, and all listeners should be taking notes. 

Top Guests & Episodes

  • Why Hard Work Beats Happiness Every Time | Ep 715

Alex spends this episode talking about the art of self-improvement and how to find mastery through repetition.

He also discusses what sets quality work apart. 

  • How to Handle Mess Ups | Ep 711

Failure and messing up is a part of business. Alex talks about how to turn those into teachable moments and use them to your advantage.

He also shares his best advice for exceeding customer expectations. 

  • I Don’t Read Books, I Study Them | Ep 651

Alex is a huge reader, but he doesn’t look at books the same way that most people do. I

n this episode, you’ll find out the best strategy for getting the most knowledge out of a reading habit and how to grow your business even faster. 

#12: Build with Leila Hormozi

Yes, Leila Hormozi is Alex Hormozi’s wife, but she’s a total badass entrepreneur in her own right. By the age of 28, she had gone from completely broke and even having a few run-ins with the law to crossing $100M. 

Build with Leila Hormozi is a podcast tailored for self-publishers and online entrepreneurs all about scaling businesses, helping portfolio companies achieve their targets, and more.

Top Guests & Episodes

  • The Four Lies Holding Your Business Back | Ep 140 

Leila addresses the biggest misconceptions that most business owners have and how to overcome them.

She also talks about her experiences with scaling businesses that are making upwards of $20 million in revenue. 

  • How to Get Ahead of 99% of Businesses in 2024 | Ep 122

Spoiler alert: The biggest differentiator between businesses that grow and stagnate is the business owners' ability to learn and grow.

Leila dives into how to change behavior and commit to growth!

  • I've Been Arrested 6 Times and I’m Not a Failure | Ep 116

Leila is totally open about the fact that she was heading down the wrong path years ago, and what saved her was changing her environment.

This episode is a testament to the fact that you can change your circumstances no matter how bleak they look.

Both Hormozis are big on no excuses, and you’ll see why!

#13: Go Publish Yourself by Ingram Spark

Go Publish Yourself is a podcast by Ingram Spark that aims to help self-publishers and online entrepreneurs navigate the publishing world by exploring trending topics and delving into industry news. 

The self-publishers featured on the podcast don’t all necessarily follow our proven AIA framework for publishing and making money online, but it never hurts listening to other perspectives and grabbing inspiration from new things. 

Top Guests & Episodes

  • Ep. 01: Book Publishing in the Time of COVID

The pandemic shook up a lot of things, publishing included.

The biggest takeaways here are the genres that have exploded in popularity and different ways to plan ahead for book sales in an uncertain economy

  • Ep. 09: Indie Publishing 101 with John Koehler

Writer’s Digest is a sponsor of this episode, which answers listeners’ top questions about self-publishing. 

  • Ep. 12: Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

See what sets self-publishing apart from the traditional route and how to know which one is better for you. 

Is Launching Your New Favorite Podcast? 

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