The Publishing Life Spotlight: Episode 11

Once upon a time, self-publishing changed our team's lives and it can do the same for you!

The Publishing Life Spotlight: Episode 11
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Welcome to our favorite blog segment, where we celebrate the inspiring stories of the changemakers behind the mission. Today’s spotlight is pretty special as we get to feature one of our very own co-founders, Christian Mikkelsen!

Christian’s story starts with a spark of curiosity and a leap of faith. 

He had no idea self-publishing his first book would set off a chain reaction, letting him quit the job that was making him totally miserable, travel all around the world to places he had only dreamed of, meet his soon-to-be-wife, Charlotte, and eventually, ignite a global movement with his twin brother, Rasmus Mikkelsen. 

From the moment he clicked “publish,” Christian began an adventure that would empower countless people around the world to take control of their income, schedules, and dreams. 

His passion for helping others reach their potential is at the core of everything we do at, and his journey is a testament to what a bit of resilience, some innovation, and BIG goals can do (if your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough!). 

So, grab your favorite snack, get comfy, and read on! 

Meet the Publishing.Com Team! Introducing Christian 

Name: Christian Mikkelsen 

Role: Founder & CEO 

Location: Austin, TX 

How long have you been with 

Since day one—September 9th, 2018. Technically, we started before that, but that was the day we made our first dollar.

If you could sum up with one word, what would it be? And why?

Big. From the outside, has had a lot of success, but we are still in the infancy stage. We are just getting started.

What has been the most unexpected surprise about being part of this team?

How bought in everyone is has really surprised me, in the best way possible. So many people in the company treat the business like it’s their own, and it’s amazing.

What’s one thing you wish you could tell our students? 

You can’t fail if you don’t quit. This phrase changed my life.

Who are your greatest mentors (in the world)? Why?

I’d say Alex and Leila Hormozi because they are incredibly successful and intelligent in their own right, and we are also fortunate to have a partnership with them where we get to learn from them firsthand.

How many books have you published?

  1. 1-3
  2. 4-10
  3. 11+

What are your publishing goals? 

Build a publishing department that eventually publishes hundreds of books per year.

What personal goals has this job allowed you to go after? 

This business has given me the financial freedom to not worry about bills and take care of my family.

This business has given me the location freedom to travel and work from anywhere.

This business has given me the time freedom to create my own schedule and do what I want when I want. 

What has being part of this team meant for your family? 

The core parts of my family are part of the team, so getting to work with my wife and twin brother is amazing. Couldn’t ask for a better work (and personal) relationship with them. 

10 Commandments to Start Living Your Best Life: Wisdom From the Mikkelsen Twins

Once upon a time, Christian and Rasmus were delivering Chinese food and barely making ends meet. Their “rock bottom” looked like trying and failing at a dozen other side hustles, barely sleeping because they were so anxious about keeping the lights on and aching for a big change. Sound familiar? 

If you’re in those shoes right now, the only way is up! There is no better time to pivot than the present! 

Here’s some of the best advice they learned over the past decade that might help: 

  1. Love Your Bloopers: Making mistakes while self-publishing are just plot twists. Laugh at them and learn from them. They make your story interesting.
  2. One Step at a Time: Start with just one book. Figure out the masterpiece first, then the sequel. Quality trumps quantity every time.
  3. No Fast Passes: Shortcuts can get you lost. Stick to the scenic route—it’s where the magic happens, even if it takes longer. 
  4. Trademark Fiascos: Know your brand names and avoid stepping on toes. It’s a lot easier than dealing with legal drama. 
  5. Polish Your Gems: High-quality work stands out. Don’t publish anything you wouldn’t proudly show your own mom.
  6. Get a Mentor ASAP: Learn from the best. Study what works, then make it your own.
  7. Be a Chameleon: Adapt to survive and thrive. Stay flexible and roll with the punches.
  8. Play By the Rules: Stick to the guidelines. It’s not worth the hassle of trying to outsmart the system. That doesn’t mean you should stop being creative and use your critical thinking, though.
  9. Be Your Own Cheerleader: Don’t wait for others to applaud you. Celebrate your progress and keep cheering yourself on.
  10. Stay Hungry, Stay Humble: Never get too comfortable. Keep striving for more, but always stay grounded.

Whether you’re being called to publish your first book, open a bakery, be the best possible parent you can be, or coach a soccer team, this is just the beginning of you showing up for yourself and taking control of your journey. Keep going! 

Your Family Time Matters 

At, we believe that family comes first, always. We understand that life is more than just work. It's about being there for your kids' big moments, having the flexibility to balance career and personal time, and creating a lifestyle that works for you.

Our 100% remote work environment gives you the freedom to craft your own schedule and design work/life balance in your own way. 

Want to catch your kid’s soccer game or attend that dance recital? No problem. 

Want to relocate the whole family to Greece to enjoy a slower pace of life? DO IT! 

We want you to be present for the important moments, and we’ll cheer on your family in our Slack channels, too, when you get back. 

There’s a big difference between making a living and making a life.

Is this music to your ears? Check out our job openings here!

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