The Publishing Life Spotlight: Episode 12

Best CTO ever? We think so.

The Publishing Life Spotlight: Episode 12
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Welcome to our favorite blog segment, where we get to brag about the incredible people behind Today, we're turning the spotlight on our tech wizard and Chief Technology Officer, Charlotte Mikkelsen! 

Charlotte's the brains behind our cutting-edge tech, and she’s got the wit, charm, and style to match. 

Get ready to dive into her world and see how she’s making waves in the publishing industry. 

We know you’re going to love her story just as much as we do!

Meet the Publishing.Com Team! Introducing Charlotte

Name: Charlotte Mikkelsen 

Role: Chief Technology Officer 

Location: Austin, TX 

How long have you been with 

>3 years! 

If you could sum up with one word, what would it be? And why?

Pioneers—we are trying to do something different in our industry that others aren’t. We are revolutionizing the publishing space, making it easier and more accessible than ever before. 

What has been the most unexpected surprise about being part of this team?

The amount of personal growth I’ve had to go through myself as I’ve grown as a leader. And how much we can accomplish in a year. 

What’s one thing you wish you could tell our students? 

It works. Just trust the process and stick with it. You are so close to changing your life. Just give it a chance! 

Who are your greatest mentors (in the world)? Why?

Alex and Leila Hormozi 

How many books have you published?

  1. 1-3
  2. 4-10
  3. 11+

What are your publishing goals? 

When I was publishing before I joined the team, I was trying to make enough to be able to replace my full-time income at that time. I hit that milestone after 6 months 

What personal goals has this job allowed you to go after? 

Traveling the world and being my own boss. is Making Publishing More Accessible Than Ever 

Charlotte is the driving force behind, a first-of-its-kind manuscript co-pilot that's completely transforming the publishing world. This powerful tool makes it super easy to research and draft books that your readers will love. 

While you’re sipping your coffee or reading a book, generates detailed competitor and customer research reports, showing you exactly what readers appreciate in your niche and what they’re craving, AKA the secret ingredients to creating a bestseller.

With, you can:

  • Write and Create Faster: Speed through the writing process and get your book out there quickly with fully editable first drafts in your desired voice and tone. 
  • Save Tons of Money: Cut down on research and development costs with smart AI insights trained on the latest data available.
  • Wow Your Readers: Create books that truly resonate with your audience, making those coveted 5-star reviews much more likely. 

Join the Team of the Future!

Want to join a team that’s leading the charge in making publishing super accessible? 

At, we’re all about breaking down barriers and shaking up the industry. 

If you’re passionate about innovation and love helping people share their stories, we want you on board. 

Our team isn’t just changing the game—we’re creating a whole new one.

Check out our job openings here!

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